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    Awards: Aurora  
  The Aurora Awards, given by the Canadian SF and Fantasy Association, are a close to the Hugo as far as their attribution method is concerned.

Our Series pages will help you find related books when the winner is part of a series.

Year Writer Book Series
1980 A. E. Van Vogt lifetime contribution  
1981 Susan Wood lifetime contribution  
1982 Phyllis Gotlieb A Judgement of Dragons  
1983 Judith Merril lifetime contribution  
1984 no award
1985 Eileen Kernaghan Songs from the Drowned Lands  
1986 Daniel Sernine Yadjine et la mort  
1987 Guy Gavriel Kay The Wandering Fire Y
1988 Charles de Lint Jack, the Giant Killer  
1989 William Gibson Mona Lisa Overdrive Y
1990 Dave Duncan West of January  
1991 Guy Gavriel Kay Tigana  
1992 Robert J. Sawyer Golden Fleece  
1993 Sean Stewart Passion Play  
1994 Sean Stewart Nobody's Son  
1995 William Gibson Virtual Light  
1996 Robert J. Sawyer The Terminal Experiment  
1997 Robert J. Sawyer Starplex  
1998 Candas Jane Dorsey Black Wine  
1999 Robert Charles Wilson Darwinia  
2000 Robert J. Sawyer Flashforward  
2001 Eileen Kernaghan The Snow Queen  
2002 Julie E. Czerneda In the Company of Others  

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