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    Awards: John W. Campbell  
  The John W. Campbell Award was created to honor the late editor of Astounding Science Fiction magazine (now Analog). The Award, limited to SF novels, is given by a small committee, whereas the Hugo and Nebula are awarded according to the votes of hundreds of people.

Our Series pages will help you find related books when the winner is part of a series.

Year Writer Book Series
1973 Barry Malzberg Beyond Apollo  
1974 Arthur C. Clarke
Robert Merle
Rendezvous With Rama
1975 Philip K. Dick Flow My Tears, the Policeman Said  
1976 Wilson Tucker (retrospective) The Year of the Quiet Sun  
1977 Kingsley Amis The Alteration  
1978 Frederik Pohl Gateway Y
1979 Michael Moorcock Gloriana  
1980 Thomas M. Disch On Wings of Song  
1981 Gregory Benford Timescape  
1982 Russell Hoban Riddley Walker  
1983 Brian W. Aldiss Helliconia Spring Y
1984 Gene Wolfe the Citadel of the Autarch Y
1985 Frederik Pohl The Years of the City  
1986 David Brin The Postman  
1987 Joan Slonczewski A Door into Ocean  
1988 Connie Willis Lincoln's Dreams  
1989 Bruce Sterling Islands in the Net  
1990 Geoff Ryman The Child Garden  
1991 Kim Stanley Robinson Pacific Edge Y
1992 Bradley Denton Buddy Holly Is Alive and Well on Ganymede  
1993 Charles Sheffield Brother to Dragons  
1994 No Award, 2nd was: Nancy Kress Beggars in Spain Y
1995 Greg Egan Permutation City Y
1996 Stephen Baxter The Time Ships  
1997 Paul J. Mc Auley Fairyland  
1998 Joe Haldeman Forever Peace  
1999 George Zebrowski Brute Orbits  
2000 Vernor Vinge A Deepness in the Sky  
2001 Poul Anderson Genesis  
2002 Robert Charles Wilson / Jack Williamson (tie) The Chronoliths / Terraforming Earth (tie)  
2003 Nancy Kress Probability Space  

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