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   SF&F Online Discussion Spaces  

There are a variety of locations on the Internet where you can join other science fiction and fantasy fans to discuss books and stories.


The granddaddy of all SF discussion groups is the Usenet newsgroup rec.arts.sf.written. You can find further information here.

rec.arts.sf.written is great because so many fans and writers hang out on this group and it is the perfect place to ask questions. If you've always wanted to remember the title and author of a favorite SF story you read as a kid, this is the place to ask. Before you ask though, it's good etiquette to read and search previous postings first to make sure your question wasn't already answered to.

Once you learn how to use Usenet News, you can find countless subject groups including many writer specific groups such as, a group devoted to Robert A. Heinlein.

Science Fiction Classics Club at Yahoo

Grovetta Suttles, a fan of our Classics section, created a Yahoo Club called Science Fiction Classics. This discussion group likes to talk about older books, pulp magazines and favorite writers.

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