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  Themes: Terraforming 
   133 books in this theme  
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  1930  Last and First Men by Olaf Stapledon (Amazon - Alibris)  
  1937  Star Maker by Olaf Stapledon (Amazon - Alibris)  
  1949  Red Planet by Robert A. Heinlein (Amazon - Alibris)  
  1950  Farmer in the Sky by Robert A. Heinlein (Amazon - Alibris)  
  1951  Sands of Mars, The by Arthur C. Clarke (Amazon - Alibris)  
  1953  Iceworld by Hal Clement (Amazon - Alibris)  
  1954  Mission of Gravity by Hal Clement (Amazon - Alibris)  
  1961  Solaris by Stanislaw Lem (Amazon - Alibris)  
  1966  Moon is a Harsh Mistress, The by Robert A. Heinlein (Amazon - Alibris)  
  1969  Isle of the Dead by Roger Zelazny (Amazon - Alibris)  
           Seven Conquests by Poul Anderson (Amazon - Alibris)  
  1973  Next Ten Thousand Years; A Vision of Man's Future in the Universe, The by Adrian Berry (Amazon - Alibris)  
  1975  Jupiter Project by Gregory Benford (Amazon - Alibris)  
  1976  Man Plus by Frederik Pohl (Amazon - Alibris)  
  1980  Underworld, The by Terrance Dicks (Amazon - Alibris)  
  1981  Bohack: Symbiotic Worlds by L. Linehan (Amazon - Alibris)  
           New Earths: Transforming Other Planets for Humanity by James E. Oberg (Amazon - Alibris)  
  1982  Station Gehenna by Andrew Weiner (Amazon - Alibris)  
  1983  Against Infinity by Gregory Benford (Amazon - Alibris)  
           Winds of Altair, The by Ben Bova (Amazon - Alibris)  
  1984  Greening of Mars, The by Michael Allaby, James Lovelock (Amazon - Alibris)  
  1985  Planet Dweller, The by Jane Palmer (Amazon - Alibris)  
  1986  Venus of Dreams by Pamela Sargent (Amazon - Alibris)  
  1987  Death Tolls by John E. Stith (Amazon - Alibris)  
  1988  Desolation Road by Ian McDonald (Amazon - Alibris)  
           Hormone Jungle, The by Robert Reed (Amazon - Alibris)  
           Venus of Shadows by Pamela Sargent (Amazon - Alibris)  
  1989  Ancient Heavens by Robert Vardeman (Amazon - Alibris)  
           Snows of Jaspre, The by Mary Caraker (Amazon - Alibris)  
  1990  Moving Moosevan by Jane Palmer (Amazon - Alibris)  

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   About this theme  
  Terraforming is about changing a planet until it's close enough to Earth that humans can live on its surface.

The candidate most often brought forward is our neighbor Mars, to the point that some people promote this project as actually doable within the next decades! No small feat to change a planet's atmosphere, temperature, ground composition and dozen other factors, so that it can grow and sustain a biosphere.

Will the transformation of whole planets be another idea turned from fiction to reality as science progresses?
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