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  Themes: Literary Fantasy 
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  (?) Journal of Arthur Stirling, The by Upton Sinclair (Amazon - Alibris)  
  1848  Haunted Man and the Ghost's Bargain: A Fancy for Christmas-Time, The by Charles Dickens (Amazon - Alibris)  
  1856  Shaving of Shagpat, An Arabian Entertainment, The by George Meredith (Amazon - Alibris)  
  1865  Hereward the Wake by Charles Kingsley (Amazon - Alibris)  
  1872  Lumen by Camille Flammarion (Amazon - Alibris)  
  1879  Beleaguered City, A by Margaret Oliphant (Amazon - Alibris)  
           Rogue's Life: From His Birth to His Marriage, A by Wilkie Collins (Amazon - Alibris)  
           Tribulations of a Chinaman in China, The by Jules Verne (Amazon - Alibris)  
  1886  Evil Genius: A Domestic Story, The by Wilkie Collins (Amazon - Alibris)  
           Guilty River, The by Wilkie Collins (Amazon - Alibris)  
  1891  Picture of Dorian Gray, The by Oscar Wilde (Amazon - Alibris)  
  1893  Omega: The Last Days of the World by Camille Flammarion (Amazon - Alibris)  
  1896  Wheels of Chance, The by H. G. Wells (Amazon - Alibris)  
  1899  Ghost, Window, Mountain by Elia W. Peattie (Amazon - Alibris)  
  1900  Girl at Cobhurst, The by Frank R. Stockton (Amazon - Alibris)  
  1903  Wind in the Rose-bush and Other Stories of the Supernatural, The by Mary E. Wilkins Freeman (Amazon - Alibris)  
  1904  Eagle's Shadow, The by James Branch Cabell (Amazon - Alibris)  
  1905  Line of Love, The by James Branch Cabell (Amazon - Alibris)  
  1907  Gallantry by James Branch Cabell (Amazon - Alibris)  
  1909  Cords of Vanity, The by James Branch Cabell (Amazon - Alibris)  
  1911  Centaur, The by Algernon Blackwood (Amazon - Alibris)  
           Zuleika Dobson; or, an Oxford Love Story by Max Beerbohm (Amazon - Alibris)  
  1915  Rivet in Grandfather's Neck, The by James Branch Cabell (Amazon - Alibris)  
  1916  Certain Hour, The by James Branch Cabell (Amazon - Alibris)  
           From the Hidden Way by James Branch Cabell (Amazon - Alibris)  
  1917  Cream of the Jest, The by James Branch Cabell (Amazon - Alibris)  
  1919  Beyond Life by James Branch Cabell (Amazon - Alibris)  
           Out of the Silence by Erle Cox (Amazon - Alibris)  
           Seven Men and Two Others by Max Beerbohm (Amazon - Alibris)  
  1921  Jewel Merchants, The by James Branch Cabell (Amazon - Alibris)  

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  Fantasy and Science Fiction test the limits of imagination, yet most books written for these genres fit clearly defined themes, such as time travel or magical realism. The books on this page push the limits of categorization. They represent imaginations running wild.  
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