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  Themes: Steampunk 
   66 books in this theme  
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  1863  Paris in the Twentieth Century by Jules Verne (Amazon - Alibris)  
  1882  Fixed Period, The by Anthony Trollope (Amazon - Alibris)  
  1967  Queen Victoria's Bomb by Ronald Clark (Amazon - Alibris)  
  1979  Morlock Night by K. W. Jeter (Amazon - Alibris)  
  1984  Prisoner of Blackwood Castle, The by Ron Goulart (Amazon - Alibris)  
  1986  Homunculus by James P. Blaylock (Amazon - Alibris)  
  1990  Difference Engine, The by Bruce Sterling, William Gibson (Amazon - Alibris)  
  1992  Anno Dracula by Kim Newman (Amazon - Alibris)  
           Dinotopia by James Gurney (Amazon - Alibris)  
           Land Apart from Time, A by James Gurney (Amazon - Alibris)  
           Lord Kelvin's Machine by James P. Blaylock (Amazon - Alibris)  
  1993  Anti-Ice by Stephen Baxter (Amazon - Alibris)  
  1994  Pasquale's Angel by Paul J. McAuley (Amazon - Alibris)  
  1995  Hatchling by Midori Snyder (Amazon - Alibris)  
           River Quest by John Vornholt (Amazon - Alibris)  
           Steampunk Trilogy, The by Paul DiFilippo (Amazon - Alibris)  
           Time Ships, The by Stephen Baxter (Amazon - Alibris)  
           World Beneath, The by James Gurney (Amazon - Alibris)  
  1996  Golden Compass, The by Philip Pullman (Amazon - Alibris)  
           Lost City by Scott Ciencin (Amazon - Alibris)  
           Sabertooth Mountain by John Vornholt (Amazon - Alibris)  
           Thunder Falls by Scott Ciencin, James Gurney (Amazon - Alibris)  
  1997  Sea Siren, The by Bill Coulton (Amazon - Alibris)  
           Subtle Knife, The by Philip Pullman (Amazon - Alibris)  
  1998  Maze, The by Peter David (Amazon - Alibris)  
  1999  Hand of Dinotopia, The by James Gurney, Alan Dean Foster (Amazon - Alibris)  
           Rescue Party by Mark Garland (Amazon - Alibris)  
           Sky Dance by Scott Ciencin (Amazon - Alibris)  
           Windchaser by Scott Ciencin (Amazon - Alibris)  
           Young Adult Science Fiction by Charles W. Sullivan (Amazon - Alibris)  

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   About this theme  
  Cyberpunk alternate history? This subgenre deals with what might have happened if modern or even future technology had already been discovered in the past (often in the Victorian era, during the industrial revolution).

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