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  Themes: Knights - Warriors - Samourais - Gladiators 
   2743 books in this theme  
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  1980  Satan's Sabbath by Don Pendleton (Amazon - Alibris)  
           Shadows Out of Hell by Andrew J. Offutt (Amazon - Alibris)  
           Treasures of Tranicos by L. Sprague de Camp, Robert E. Howard (Amazon - Alibris)  
           Valley Of The Broken Cherry Trees by Lensey Namioka (Amazon - Alibris)  
           When Death Birds Fly by Andrew J. Offutt, Keith Taylor (Amazon - Alibris)  
  1981  Allies of Antares by Alan Burt Akers (Amazon - Alibris)  
           Amazons of Somelon, The by Raymond Kaminski (Amazon - Alibris)  
           Balance of Power by Warren B. Murphy, Richard Ben Sapir, Molly Cochran (Amazon - Alibris)  
           Circle, Crescent, Star by Ansen Dibell (Amazon - Alibris)  
           Kingdom of Summer by Gillian Bradshaw (Amazon - Alibris)  
           Legions of Antares by Alan Burt Akers (Amazon - Alibris)  
           Lords of the Crimson River, The by Jeffrey Lord (Amazon - Alibris)  
           New War, The by Don Pendleton (Amazon - Alibris)  
           No Earthly Shore by Francine Mezo (Amazon - Alibris)  
           Ring of Ikribu, The by David C. Smith, Richard L. Tierney (Amazon - Alibris)  
           Storm Upon Ulster, A by Kenneth C. Flint (Amazon - Alibris)  
           Tomoe Gozen by Jessica Amanda Salmonson (Amazon - Alibris)  
           Unless She Burn by Francine Mezo (Amazon - Alibris)  
           Village Of The Vampire Cat by Lensey Namioka (Amazon - Alibris)  
           Violent Streets by Don Pendleton (Amazon - Alibris)  
           Warrior's World by Richard S. McEnroe (Amazon - Alibris)  
  1982  Bloodsport by Don Pendleton (Amazon - Alibris)  
           Conan the Invincible by Robert Jordan (Amazon - Alibris)  
           Crystals of Mida, The by Sharon Green (Amazon - Alibris)  
           Dancer's Luck by Ann Maxwell (Amazon - Alibris)  
           Deathwind of Vedun by T. C. Rypel (Amazon - Alibris)  
           Delia of Vallia by Alan Burt Akers (Amazon - Alibris)  
           Doomsday Disciples by Don Pendleton (Amazon - Alibris)  
           Double Crossfire by Don Pendleton (Amazon - Alibris)  
           Fire Dancer by Ann Maxwell (Amazon - Alibris)  

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