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Welcome to the most comprehensive online list of science fiction and fantasy new book releases. Here you'll find new works, reprints, omnibus editions, and titles that were first published as hardcovers now available in paperback format.

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  September 2012 - October 2012 - November 2012

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55 new SF and fantasy books listed for October 2012:


Buy Agent of Hel at
Agent of Hel
by Jacqueline Carey
Buy Between Two Fires at
Between Two Fires
by Christopher Buehlman
Buy Fifty Year Sword, The at
Fifty Year Sword, The
by Mark Z. Danielewski
Buy Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet at
Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet
by Darynda Jones
Buy Iced at
by Karen Marie Moning
Buy Ironskin at
by Tina Connolly
Buy Redoubt at
by Mercedes Lackey
Buy Sanctum at
by Sarah Fine
Buy Stone of Tymora at
Stone of Tymora
by R. A. Salvatore
Buy This Case Is Gonna Kill Me at
This Case Is Gonna Kill Me
by Phillipa Bornikova

Buy Bad Glass at
Bad Glass
by Richard E. Gropp
Buy Crown Thief at
Crown Thief
by David Tallerman
Buy Dead Mann Running at
Dead Mann Running
by Stefan Petrucha
Buy Dead of Winter, The at
Dead of Winter, The
by Lee Collins
Buy Dearly, Beloved at
Dearly, Beloved
by Lia Habel
Buy Delusion in Death at
Delusion in Death
by J. D. Robb
Buy Devil Said Bang at
Devil Said Bang
by Richard Kadrey
Buy First Male, The at
First Male, The
by Lee Hayes
Buy Full Blooded at
Full Blooded
by Amanda Carlson
Buy Incarnation at
by Emma Cornwall
Buy Krampus: The Yule Lord at
Krampus: The Yule Lord
by Brom
Buy Majipoor Chronicles at
Majipoor Chronicles
by Robert Silverberg
Buy Mortal Ties at
Mortal Ties
by Eileen Wilks
Buy White Forest, The at
White Forest, The
by Adam McOmber
         Mass Market Paperback

Buy Alloy of Law, The at
Alloy of Law, The
by Brandon Sanderson
Buy Ashes of Honor at
Ashes of Honor
by Seanan McGuire
Buy Beneath a Darkening Moon at
Beneath a Darkening Moon
by Keri Arthur
Buy Black Lament at
Black Lament
by Christina Henry
Buy Changes at
by Mercedes Lackey
Buy Crimson Waters at
Crimson Waters
by James Axler
Buy Death's Rival at
Death's Rival
by Faith Hunter
Buy Frostbitten at
by Kelley Armstrong
Buy Fury's Kiss at
Fury's Kiss
by Karen Chance
Buy Genesis Sinister at
Genesis Sinister
by James Axler
Buy Ghost of Memories at
Ghost of Memories
by Barb Hendee
Buy Himmler's War at
Himmler's War
by Robert Conroy
Buy No Mans Land at
No Mans Land
by James Axler
Buy Orphaned Worlds, The at
Orphaned Worlds, The
by Michael Cobley
Buy Out for Blood at
Out for Blood
by Kristen Painter
Buy Sand Witches in the Hamptons at
Sand Witches in the Hamptons
by Celia Jerome
Buy Shattered Dark, The at
Shattered Dark, The
by Sandy Williams
Buy Trace of Moonlight , A at
Trace of Moonlight , A
by Allison Pang
Buy Wild Ways, The at
Wild Ways, The
by Tanya Huff

Buy Angels Ink: The Asylum Tales at
Angels Ink: The Asylum Tales
by Jocelynn Drake
Buy Cathbad's Curse at
Cathbad's Curse
by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Buy Daughter of the Sword at
Daughter of the Sword
by Steve Bein
Buy Dead Spots at
Dead Spots
by Melissa F. Olson
Buy Dracula Cha Cha Cha at
Dracula Cha Cha Cha
by Kim Newman
Buy Every House Is Haunted at
Every House Is Haunted
by Ian Rogers
Buy False Princess, The at
False Princess, The
by Eilis O'Neal
Buy Other Wind, The at
Other Wind, The
by Ursula K. Le Guin
Buy Season of Wonder at
Season of Wonder
by Elizabeth Hand
Buy Shoggoths in Bloom at
Shoggoths in Bloom
by Elizabeth Bear
Buy Strangers in the Land at
Strangers in the Land
by Stant Litore
Buy Vampyric Variations at
Vampyric Variations
by Nancy Kilpatrick
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