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Welcome to the most comprehensive online list of science fiction and fantasy new book releases. Here you'll find new works, reprints, omnibus editions, and titles that were first published as hardcovers now available in paperback format.

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416 new SF and fantasy books listed for July 2008:

Buy 12th year awakening, The at
12th year awakening, The
by Jason Ellis
Buy 13 Day War at
13 Day War
by Richard S. Tuttle
Buy 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea at
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
by Jules Verne
Buy 2012: The War for Souls at
2012: The War for Souls
by Whitley Strieber
Buy Accidental Demon Slayer, The at
Accidental Demon Slayer, The
by Angie Fox
Buy Accidental Time Machine, The at
Accidental Time Machine, The
by Joe Haldeman et al.
Buy Accidentally Dead at
Accidentally Dead
by Dakota Cassidy
Buy Afterthoughts at
by Lynn Tincher
Buy Age of Bronze, The at
Age of Bronze, The
by Rob Kidd
Buy Ajax at
by Stephen J. Schrader
Buy Alchemy Of Stone, The at
Alchemy Of Stone, The
by Ekaterina Sedia
Buy Almost Human - paranormal vampire series - volumes 1, 2 & 3 at
Almost Human - paranormal vampire series - volumes 1, 2 & 3
by Melanie Nowak
Buy Ancient Wisdom, The at
Ancient Wisdom, The
by Annie Besant
Buy Angel Falling Softly at
Angel Falling Softly
by Eugene Woodbury et al.
Buy Angel Venom at
Angel Venom
by Kim McDougall
Buy Angels of Darkness at
Angels of Darkness
by Gav Thorpe
Buy Animosity at
by Michael Gray Goins
Buy Ankh of Isis, The at
Ankh of Isis, The
by Christine Norris
Buy Anna's Journey at
Anna's Journey
by Kathleen Kelleher
Buy Apricot Brandy at
Apricot Brandy
by Lynn Cesar
Buy Aria of the Sea at
Aria of the Sea
by Dia Calhoun
Buy Ascension at
by Drew Karpyshyn et al.
Buy Ashes of Worlds, The at
Ashes of Worlds, The
by Kevin J. Anderson et al.
Buy Astral Explorer, The at
Astral Explorer, The
by Nadine May
Buy At the Stroke of Midnight at
At the Stroke of Midnight
by Karen Michelle Nutt
Buy Atlas Shrugged at
Atlas Shrugged
by Ayn Rand
Buy Autumn War, An at
Autumn War, An
by Daniel Abraham
Buy Bar None at
Bar None
by Tim Lebbon
Buy Bear Goddess at
Bear Goddess
by David Artuso
Buy Bear Went over the Mountain, The at
Bear Went over the Mountain, The
by William E. Kotzwinkle
Buy Beast Of Darkness at
Beast Of Darkness
by Lisa Renee Jones
Buy Beastly Beauty, The at
Beastly Beauty, The
by Rusti Fae
Buy Beggar King at
Beggar King
by Guy Franks
Buy Belle Noire at
Belle Noire
by Ann Vremont
Buy Berserker Throne, The at
Berserker Throne, The
by Fred Saberhagen
Buy Best Made Plans, The at
Best Made Plans, The
by Everett B. Cole
Buy Beyond the Black River at
Beyond the Black River
by Robert E. Howard
Buy Beyond the Vanishing Point at
Beyond the Vanishing Point
by Ray Cummings
Buy Big Bang, The at
Big Bang, The
by Roy M. Griffis
Buy Big City, The at
Big City, The
by Scott Reeves
Buy Billy Barnaby's Twisted Christmas at
Billy Barnaby's Twisted Christmas
by Scott Reeves
Buy Bird Shaman,The at
Bird Shaman,The
by Judith Moffett
Buy Birthright at
by Robert Lee Beers
Buy Black Rose at
Black Rose
by Grace Scott
Buy Black star Passes at
Black star Passes
by John W. Campbell
Buy Blackness Tower at
Blackness Tower
by Lillian Stewart Carl
Buy Blinding White at
Blinding White
by Jim Dietz
Buy Blood and Iron at
Blood and Iron
by Elizabeth Bear
Buy Blood and Shadows at
Blood and Shadows
by Curt Collier
Buy Blood Bound at
Blood Bound
by Patricia Briggs
Buy Blood Magic at
Blood Magic
by Matthew Cook
Buy Blood on The Altar at
Blood on The Altar
by Bud Gilham
Buy Bonehunters, The at
Bonehunters, The
by Steven Erikson
Buy Book of Names , The at
Book of Names , The
by D. Barkley Briggs
Buy Book of St Farrin, The at
Book of St Farrin, The
by Jamil Nasir
Buy Book of Talyara, The at
Book of Talyara, The
by David Paul
Buy Book of Time, The at
Book of Time, The
by Guillaume Prévost
Buy Bound by Flame at
Bound by Flame
by Anna Windsor
Buy Bound by Shadow at
Bound by Shadow
by Anna Windsor
Buy Bounded Allegiance at
Bounded Allegiance
by Carter Burke
Buy Boy who Reversed Himself, The at
Boy who Reversed Himself, The
by William Sleator
Buy Breeze...the Mermaid at
Breeze...the Mermaid
by Sylvia Fraley
Buy Brenda Barnes and the Supreme Order of Charms at
Brenda Barnes and the Supreme Order of Charms
by Y. F. Modey
Buy Brenda Barnes and the Underworld of Voodoo Politics at
Brenda Barnes and the Underworld of Voodoo Politics
by Y. F. Modey
Buy Bride of Time at
Bride of Time
by Dawn Thompson
Buy Bridge in the Forest at
Bridge in the Forest
by JoElle Martin
Buy Bukkakeworld at
by Mike Philbin
Buy By Schism Rent Asunder at
By Schism Rent Asunder
by David Weber
Buy Cactus Island at
Cactus Island
by William Manchee
Buy Call of Chaos at
Call of Chaos
by Carol Hightshoe
Buy Calling, The at
Calling, The
by S.J. Pow
Buy Camelot Lost at
Camelot Lost
by Jessica Bonito
Buy Camileon at
by Shykia Bell
Buy Captain Scar at
Captain Scar
by Amber E.
Buy Caryn's New World, The Valley at
Caryn's New World, The Valley
by R. H. Politz
Buy Cassandra Crisis. The at
Cassandra Crisis. The
by Thomas Juretus
Buy Celtic Dragon Myth, The at
Celtic Dragon Myth, The
by J. F. Campbell
Buy Chasing Silver at
Chasing Silver
by Jamie Craig
Buy City in the Lake, The at
City in the Lake, The
by Rachel Neumeier
Buy City of Gold at
City of Gold
by Rob Kidd
Buy City, The at
City, The
by Rachel Byrd
Buy Clan and the Crown, The at
Clan and the Crown, The
by Ed Haas
Buy Clockwork Bride, The at
Clockwork Bride, The
by Bill Williams
Buy Colony at
by Scott Reeves
Buy Coming Storm, The at
Coming Storm, The
by Rob Kidd
Buy Cosmic Express, The at
Cosmic Express, The
by Jack Williamson
Buy Countdown at
by Michelle Maddox
Buy Cross-Winds at
by Brian L. Stowe
Buy Cry of Sorrow at
Cry of Sorrow
by Holly Taylor
Buy Cry Wolf at
Cry Wolf
by Patricia Briggs et al.
Buy Curse of the Necrarch at
Curse of the Necrarch
by Steve Savile
Buy Dancing With Fire at
Dancing With Fire
by Susan Kearney
Buy Dancing With Werewolves at
Dancing With Werewolves
by Carole Nelson Douglas
Buy Dangerous Days of Daniel X, The at
Dangerous Days of Daniel X, The
by James Patterson et al.
Buy Dark Ferryman, The at
Dark Ferryman, The
by Jenna Rhodes
Buy Dark Warrior Rising at
Dark Warrior Rising
by Ed Greenwood
Buy Dark Warrior Unleashed at
Dark Warrior Unleashed
by Alexis Morgan
Buy Darkness Forged in Fire, A at
Darkness Forged in Fire, A
by Chris Evans et al.
Buy Darkness of the Light at
Darkness of the Light
by Peter David
Buy Dawn of Chimera at
Dawn of Chimera
by Rene Butterfield
Buy Dawnmaid at
by Suzanne Francis
Buy Death Angel at
Death Angel
by Linda Howard
Buy Deja Demon at
Deja Demon
by Julie Kenner
Buy Demon Assassin, The at
Demon Assassin, The
by Alan Gibbons
Buy Demon's Delight  at
Demon's Delight
by D. Sallen
Buy Demonspawn at
by Scott Reeves
Buy Devil You Know, The at
Devil You Know, The
by Jenna Black et al.
Buy Digital Destiny at
Digital Destiny
by Jeromie Carr et al.
Buy Dimension Next Door , The at
Dimension Next Door , The
by Martin H. Greenberg et al.
Buy Dog of the North, The at
Dog of the North, The
by Tim Stretton
Buy Dogs at
by Nancy Kress
Buy Domain of Illusion at
Domain of Illusion
by E. A. Sunden
Buy Donkey The First at
Donkey The First
by David Heyman
Buy Dragon Arch, The at
Dragon Arch, The
by Teri Tao
Buy Dragon in the Sock Drawer, The at
Dragon in the Sock Drawer, The
by Kate Klimo
Buy Dragon Wytch at
Dragon Wytch
by Yasmine Galenorn
Buy Dragon's Lair, The at
Dragon's Lair, The
by Elizabeth Haydon
Buy Dragonforge at
by James Maxey
Buy Dragons: Worlds Afire at
Dragons: Worlds Afire
by Tracy Hickman et al.
Buy Dream of an Ancient God, The at
Dream of an Ancient God, The
by Scott Reeves
Buy Druid Made Me Do It, The at
Druid Made Me Do It, The
by Natale Stenzel
Buy Eighth Room, The at
Eighth Room, The
by Jennifer St. Clair
Buy Elisa Danon and the Golden Knight at
Elisa Danon and the Golden Knight
by James Bridgers
Buy Elric To Rescue Tanelorn at
Elric To Rescue Tanelorn
by Michael Moorcock
Buy Empire in Black and Gold at
Empire in Black and Gold
by Adrian Tchaikovsky
Buy Empress at
by Karen Miller
Buy End of Honor, The at
End of Honor, The
by L.D. Alford
Buy Endeavor in Time at
Endeavor in Time
by Chris Hambleton
Buy Epiphany Reigns at
Epiphany Reigns
by Anika Moore
Buy Escape to the Past at
Escape to the Past
by Lowell Medley
Buy Eternal Flame, The at
Eternal Flame, The
by T. A. Barron
Buy Eternal Pleasure at
Eternal Pleasure
by Nina Bangs
Buy Eternal Rose at
Eternal Rose
by Gail Dayton
Buy Europa's Fairy Tales at
Europa's Fairy Tales
by Joseph Jacobs
Buy Evan's Voice at
Evan's Voice
by Sallie Lowenstein
Buy Everdark Gate, The at
Everdark Gate, The
by Elizabeth K. Burton
Buy Evolving Ecstasy at
Evolving Ecstasy
by Melanie Nowak
Buy Exceptions to Reality at
Exceptions to Reality
by Alan Dean Foster
Buy Exorsistah, The at
Exorsistah, The
by Claudia Mair Burney
Buy Explosionist, The at
Explosionist, The
by Jenny Davidson
Buy Extreme Makeover at
Extreme Makeover
by Henry Melton
Buy Faceless at
by Debra Webb
Buy Fairy Flying Lessons at
Fairy Flying Lessons
by Kelly McKain
Buy Fall with Honor at
Fall with Honor
by E. E. Knight
Buy Far Kingdoms, The at
Far Kingdoms, The
by Chris Bunch et al.
Buy Fatal Infatuation at
Fatal Infatuation
by Melanie Nowak
Buy Feral Intensity at
Feral Intensity
by G. L. Drummond
Buy Final Sacrifice, The at
Final Sacrifice, The
by Patricia Bray
Buy Firegold at
by Dia Calhoun
Buy First Escape, The at
First Escape, The
by G. P. Taylor
Buy First Time at
First Time
by Samuel Ben White
Buy Flight to Malmillard at
Flight to Malmillard
by K.G. McAbee
Buy Fool Moon at
Fool Moon
by Jim Butcher
Buy Fox, The at
Fox, The
by Sherwood Smith
Buy Gabriel's Horn at
Gabriel's Horn
by Alex Archer
Buy Galaxy Unknown, A at
Galaxy Unknown, A
by T.J. DePrima
Buy Gangs of Antares at
Gangs of Antares
by Alan Burt Akers
Buy Gate, The at
Gate, The
by Paul Everette Bronner
Buy GateWorld at
by Bennie Grezlik
Buy Gathering Grace at
Gathering Grace
by Victoria Newcomb
Buy Genetic Suicide at
Genetic Suicide
by James Cooper
Buy Ghost Moon at
Ghost Moon
by Rebecca York
Buy Girl Who Rode Dolphins, The at
Girl Who Rode Dolphins, The
by Michael J. Ganas
Buy Go-Go Girls of the Apocalypse at
Go-Go Girls of the Apocalypse
by Victor Gischler
Buy Goblin Moon at
Goblin Moon
by Candace Sams
Buy Good Villain, A at
Good Villain, A
by Maria Aragon
Buy Gordath Wood at
Gordath Wood
by Patrice Sarath
Buy Grave Surprise at
Grave Surprise
by Charlaine Harris
Buy Green Gem at
Green Gem
by James C Taylor
Buy Gypsy Blood at
Gypsy Blood
by Steve Vernon
Buy Habit at
by Tremell McKenzie
Buy Hail to the Chief at
Hail to the Chief
by Randall Garrett
Buy Happy Unfortunate, The at
Happy Unfortunate, The
by Robert Silverberg
Buy HARM at
by Brian Aldiss
Buy Havemercy at
by Jaida Jones et al.
Buy Heavens Wave: A Novel of the Doomsday Prophecy of 2012  at
Heavens Wave: A Novel of the Doomsday Prophecy of 2012
by De Earlon
Buy Hell Hath No Fury at
Hell Hath No Fury
by Linda Evans et al.
Buy Her Sister's Keeper at
Her Sister's Keeper
by Diana Rivers
Buy Hidden at
by Eve Kenin
Buy Hidden Secret at
Hidden Secret
by Debbie Edwards
Buy Hidden Truth of Cytech's Randall Forty, The at
Hidden Truth of Cytech's Randall Forty, The
by Vickie Kennedy
Buy Hidden Warrior at
Hidden Warrior
by Lynn Flewelling
Buy Hierarchy, The at
Hierarchy, The
by M. T. Jones
Buy Humans Are Not the Enemies at
Humans Are Not the Enemies
by R. S. Amblee
Buy Hunted at
by Alex Duval
Buy Hypno Hounds at
Hypno Hounds
by Michael Broad
Buy Hypomya at
by Amanda Bedard
Buy Immortal in Shadow at
Immortal in Shadow
by Stefan Vucak
Buy In A Land Of Hatred at
In A Land Of Hatred
by Christine Soltis
Buy In Other Worlds at
In Other Worlds
by A. A. Attanasio
Buy In the Land of Synd at
In the Land of Synd
by Jeffrey Redmond
Buy Infernal Sorceress at
Infernal Sorceress
by Gary Gygax
Buy Ink and Steel at
Ink and Steel
by Elizabeth Bear
Buy Intrigue of Antares at
Intrigue of Antares
by Alan Burt Akers
Buy Inverted World at
Inverted World
by Christopher Priest
Buy Irish Dragon at
Irish Dragon
by Roxanne Summer
Buy Ironside at
by Holly Black
Buy It's About Time at
It's About Time
by J.J. Richardson
Buy It's All Relative! at
It's All Relative!
by Helen Perelman
Buy Jerrys New Flame Can Stop Time at
Jerrys New Flame Can Stop Time
by Samuel Vargo
Buy Jhegaala at
by Steven Brust et al.
Buy Jimmy the Hand at
Jimmy the Hand
by S. M. Stirling et al.
Buy Journey From Mezet at
Journey From Mezet
by John M. Moody
Buy Journey to Mythaca at
Journey to Mythaca
by Eve Baumohl Neuhaus
Buy Just One Bite at
Just One Bite
by Kimberly Raye
Buy Killing Ground, The at
Killing Ground, The
by Graham McNeill
Buy King's Champion, The at
King's Champion, The
by M.H. Bonham
Buy King's Daughters, The at
King's Daughters, The
by Nathalie Mallet
Buy King's Shield at
King's Shield
by Sherwood Smith et al.
Buy Knaveheart's Curse, The at
Knaveheart's Curse, The
by Adele Griffin
Buy Kobal at
by Paul Bryers
Buy Last of the Nephilim, The at
Last of the Nephilim, The
by Bryan Davis
Buy Last Vampire, The at
Last Vampire, The
by Patricia Rosemoor et al.
Buy Laugh Lines at
Laugh Lines
by Ben Bova
Buy Lazarus - The Untold Story at
Lazarus - The Untold Story
by Pete Murphy
Buy Leffingwell's Planet at
Leffingwell's Planet
by Thomas Hubschman
Buy Legend of Jak of Trutos, The at
Legend of Jak of Trutos, The
by Deanna Louise Morono
Buy Let's Build a Sandcastle at
Let's Build a Sandcastle
by Katie Price
Buy Life of a BrimTier Pirate at
Life of a BrimTier Pirate
by Lisa J. Comstock
Buy Lighthouse War, The at
Lighthouse War, The
by Adrian McKinty
Buy Lisa's Way at
Lisa's Way
by Robert Collins
Buy Lord Brother at
Lord Brother
by Carolyn Kephart
Buy Lord of Bones at
Lord of Bones
by Justine Musk
Buy Lord Tophet at
Lord Tophet
by Gregory Frost
Buy Losers, Weepers at
Losers, Weepers
by Jessica Thomas
Buy Lost Art, The at
Lost Art, The
by Simon Morden
Buy Lost Reflections at
Lost Reflections
by Melanie Nowak
Buy Lost Years of Merlin at
Lost Years of Merlin
by T. A. Barron
Buy Love in the Time of Fridges at
Love in the Time of Fridges
by Tim Scott et al.
Buy Lover Enshrined at
Lover Enshrined
by Katie MacAlister
Buy Lunar Pioneers at
Lunar Pioneers
by Robert A. Black
Buy Mage-Guard of Hamor at
Mage-Guard of Hamor
by L. E. Modesitt, Jr.
Buy Magic and the Pagan at
Magic and the Pagan
by Mychael Black
Buy Magicians and Mrs. Quent, The at
Magicians and Mrs. Quent, The
by Galen M. Beckett
Buy Man with the Iron Heart , The at
Man with the Iron Heart , The
by Harry Turtledove
Buy Marches King, The at
Marches King, The
by Kaoru Kurimoto
Buy Mason at
by Thomas Pendleton
Buy Masquerade at
by Melissa de la Cruz
Buy Master Key, The at
Master Key, The
by L. Frank Baum
Buy Mastery of the Air, The at
Mastery of the Air, The
by William J. Claxton
Buy Match Made in Hell, A at
Match Made in Hell, A
by Terri Garey
Buy Matter of Time, A at
Matter of Time, A
by John Joyce
Buy Memory of Mars, The at
Memory of Mars, The
by Raymond F. Jones
Buy Menagerie at
by Lara Santiago
Buy Merlin Effect, The at
Merlin Effect, The
by T. A. Barron
Buy Midnight Never Come at
Midnight Never Come
by Marie Brennan
Buy Midnight Twins, The at
Midnight Twins, The
by Jacquelyn Mitchard
Buy Millennial Reign at
Millennial Reign
by Craig Conte
Buy Minor Cruelties at
Minor Cruelties
by Michelle O'Neill et al.
Buy Miracle of Alvito, The at
Miracle of Alvito, The
by David H. Brandin
Buy Mirador, The at
Mirador, The
by Sarah Monette et al.
Buy Moon Pool, The at
Moon Pool, The
by A. Merritt
Buy Mr. Sunny Is Funny! at
Mr. Sunny Is Funny!
by Dan Gutman
Buy MultiReal at
by David Louis Edelman
Buy My Wicked Enemy at
My Wicked Enemy
by Carolyn Jewel
Buy Mystery of Everyman's Way at
Mystery of Everyman's Way
by Paul Collins
Buy Necrophenia at
by Robert Rankin
Buy New Rome Corporation at
New Rome Corporation
by Charles S. Queen
Buy Night Bird, The at
Night Bird, The
by Catherine Asaro
Buy Night Shift  at
Night Shift
by Lilith Saintcrow
Buy Nightmare Machine, The at
Nightmare Machine, The
by John Nicholas Datesh
Buy Nightwalker at
by Jocelynn Drake et al.
Buy Nine Lives at
Nine Lives
by F. Say
Buy Norbavon the soulless one at
Norbavon the soulless one
by Jr. R. Norb Timpko
Buy Now Time, The at
Now Time, The
by Edward J. Fisher
Buy Oceans of Fire at
Oceans of Fire
by Christine Feehan
Buy Of Atlantis at
Of Atlantis
by Lanaia Lee
Buy Ontario Lacus at
Ontario Lacus
by J. Matthew Neal
Buy Opal's Book of Winter  at
Opal's Book of Winter
by R.J. Amado
Buy Other Times Than Peace at
Other Times Than Peace
by David Drake
Buy Out of the Black at
Out of the Black
by Lee Doty
Buy Outrunner Odyssey: Book One at
Outrunner Odyssey: Book One
by R. H. Thompson Jr.
Buy Penny: The Pony Fairy at
Penny: The Pony Fairy
by Daisy Meadows
Buy Pillage at
by Obert Skye
Buy Plague War at
Plague War
by Jeff Carlson
Buy Planet of the Owls at
Planet of the Owls
by Mike Philbin
Buy Planetkill at
by Lindsey Priestley
Buy Plymouth Colony II at
Plymouth Colony II
by Sharolyn Wells
Buy Posse of Princesses, A at
Posse of Princesses, A
by Sherwood Smith
Buy Pound of Flesh, A at
Pound of Flesh, A
by Susan Wright
Buy Price of Honor, The at
Price of Honor, The
by Gus Gallows
Buy Prince of Two Worlds, The at
Prince of Two Worlds, The
by Carey Mozena
Buy Project Moonbase and Others at
Project Moonbase and Others
by Robert A. Heinlein
Buy Project of Reflections, The at
Project of Reflections, The
by K. E. Sean O'Connor
Buy Promise in the Forest, A at
Promise in the Forest, A
by JoElle Martin
Buy Promise of the Wolves at
Promise of the Wolves
by Dorothy Hearst
Buy Prophecy, The at
Prophecy, The
by Richard Lee
Buy Puzzle of the Missing Panda, The at
Puzzle of the Missing Panda, The
by Elizabeth Singer Hunt
Buy Quantum Moon at
Quantum Moon
by Denise Vitola
Buy Queens Bracelet, The at
Queens Bracelet, The
by Amy Tree
Buy Quest's End at
Quest's End
by Brian S. Pratt
Buy Reading the Wind at
Reading the Wind
by Brenda Cooper
Buy Reality Check at
Reality Check
by Charlie Brooks
Buy Realm of the Seven Moons at
Realm of the Seven Moons
by Meghan Warren
Buy Red Son at
Red Son
by Randy W. Murray
Buy Return to Summerhouse at
Return to Summerhouse
by Jude Deveraux
Buy Return, The at
Return, The
by Bob Horton
Buy Riding Icarus at
Riding Icarus
by Lily Hyde
Buy Risen Empire, The at
Risen Empire, The
by Scott Westerfeld
Buy Rising Moon at
Rising Moon
by G. L. Drummond
Buy Road to Havla at
Road to Havla
by C. L. Dautel
Buy Robe of Skulls, The at
Robe of Skulls, The
by Vivian French
Buy Ruby Helmet, The at
Ruby Helmet, The
by Michael Paul Howard
Buy Sacrificial Wood, The at
Sacrificial Wood, The
by Darryl Markowitz
Buy Safe Harbor at
Safe Harbor
by Christine Feehan
Buy Sandry's Book at
Sandry's Book
by Tamora Pierce
Buy Saturn's Children at
Saturn's Children
by Charles Stross
Buy Saving the World at
Saving the World
by James Patterson
Buy Saving Time at
Saving Time
by Samuel Ben White
Buy Scales of Balance, The at
Scales of Balance, The
by E.E. Umstot
Buy Scarlet at
by Stephen R. Lawhead
Buy Scarlet Plague, The at
Scarlet Plague, The
by Jack London
Buy Sea Eyes at
Sea Eyes
by Helen Kaye Watts
Buy Sea Shell Island at
Sea Shell Island
by P. J. Victor
Buy Seaborn at
by Chris Howard
Buy Search for the Pegasus at
Search for the Pegasus
by Roger E. Moore
Buy Secrets at
by Ryan F. Strong
Buy Secrets of the Red Journal at
Secrets of the Red Journal
by Phyllis Loyce Morris
Buy Sentinel at
by D.M. Paul
Buy Sentinels: A Distant Star at
Sentinels: A Distant Star
by Van Allen Plexico
Buy Sentinelspire at
by Mark Sehestedt
Buy Shades of Dark at
Shades of Dark
by Linnea Sinclair
Buy Shadow Girl, The at
Shadow Girl, The
by Ray Cummings
Buy Shadows on the Stars at
Shadows on the Stars
by T. A. Barron
Buy Shadows Return at
Shadows Return
by Lynn Flewelling
Buy Shadows, The at
Shadows, The
by L. A. Banks et al.
Buy Sidhe at
by D.M. Paul
Buy Silver at
by Rob Kidd
Buy Silver Bear, The at
Silver Bear, The
by Derek Haas et al.
Buy Silver Pool, The at
Silver Pool, The
by Amy Tree
Buy Siren Song, The at
Siren Song, The
by Rob Kidd
Buy Sirrus Orb, The at
Sirrus Orb, The
by K. Allen Cross
Buy Sky Village, The at
Sky Village, The
by Nigel Ashland et al.
Buy Slanted Jack at
Slanted Jack
by Mark L. Van Name
Buy Slave Of Darkness at
Slave Of Darkness
by Stephanie Marble
Buy Sojourn On Mars at
Sojourn On Mars
by Brian Downes
Buy Solid Shadows at
Solid Shadows
by Thomas Frederick Kalinoff
Buy Soltairan Menace, The at
Soltairan Menace, The
by Robert Louis Lehrman
Buy Song for a Summer Night at
Song for a Summer Night
by Mark Dennis
Buy Sorcerer of the Waves at
Sorcerer of the Waves
by Kim Wilkins
Buy Sorcerer's Slave, The at
Sorcerer's Slave, The
by Whitney Danielle
Buy Sorceress Of Belmair, The at
Sorceress Of Belmair, The
by Bertrice Small
Buy Soul of Fire   at
Soul of Fire
by Sarah A. Hoyt
Buy Space Platform at
Space Platform
by Murray Leinster
Buy Specialty Wizard, The at
Specialty Wizard, The
by Robert von Engman
Buy Spectre at
by Phaedra Weldon
Buy Spiral Labyrinth at
Spiral Labyrinth
by Matthew Hughes
Buy Spirits That Walk in Shadow at
Spirits That Walk in Shadow
by Nina Kiriki Hoffman
Buy Stargazer at
by Brandon Cole Phillips
Buy Starlady and Fast-Friend at
Starlady and Fast-Friend
by George R. R. Martin
Buy Storyteller at
by Edward Myers
Buy Stress of Her Regard, The at
Stress of Her Regard, The
by Tim Powers
Buy Stretto at
by L. Timmel Duchamp
Buy Submarine Effect at
Submarine Effect
by Norman Ray Fitts
Buy Summoning, The at
Summoning, The
by Kelley Armstrong
Buy Sunny Day, A at
Sunny Day, A
by Katie Price
Buy Survivors, The at
Survivors, The
by Derek Laurens
Buy Swamp Of Secrets at
Swamp Of Secrets
by Greg Farshtey
Buy Sword of Avalon at
Sword of Avalon
by Anastasia D'Andra
Buy Sword of Heaven at
Sword of Heaven
by James Meadowa
Buy Sword of the Light at
Sword of the Light
by P. L. Burchnell
Buy Swords and Ice Magic at
Swords and Ice Magic
by Fritz Leiber
Buy Sworn Sword at
Sworn Sword
by George R. R. Martin
Buy Tale of a Simple Crown, The at
Tale of a Simple Crown, The
by Bil Romain
Buy Tannhauser's Gate at
Tannhauser's Gate
by Jim Dietz
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by Cynthia Leitich Smith
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by L. J. Williams
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Third Lynx, The
by Timothy Zahn
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Third Watch
by Elizabeth Ann Scarborough et al.
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by Don Burks
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Throne of Jade
by Naomi Novik
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by Peter David
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Time Engine, The
by Sean McMullen
Buy Time Genes at
Time Genes
by Ross Richdale
Buy Time of the Thunderbird at
Time of the Thunderbird
by Diane Silvey
Buy Time Paradox, The at
Time Paradox, The
by Eoin Colfer
Buy Timekeeper, The at
Timekeeper, The
by Rob Kidd
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Toll the Hounds
by Steven Erikson
Buy Touch of Darkness at
Touch of Darkness
by Cathy Clamp et al.
Buy Truth of the Dragons, The at
Truth of the Dragons, The
by Stuart William Hagan
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by Thomas W. Konkol
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Turbulent Sea
by Christine Feehan
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Twilight Herald, the
by Tom Lloyd
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Twisted Brand
by Clare London
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Tyger, Tyger Burning Bryght
by Cathryn Cade
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UFOs in 1492
by Tom Thornton
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Unwilling Warlord, The
by Lawrence Watt-Evans
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Use of Weapons
by Iain M. Banks
Buy Valley-Westside War, The at
Valley-Westside War, The
by Harry Turtledove
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by Nancy A. Collins
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Vampyres of Hollywood
by Michael Scott et al.
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by K T Pinto
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Veil of Gold, The
by Kim Wilkins
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Vicious Circle
by Mike Carey et al.
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Victory of Eagles
by Naomi Novik
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Violet Strikes a Chord
by Anne Mazer
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Vlad the Drac Vampire
by Ann Jungmann
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Voyage of the Space Beagle, The
by A. E. Van Vogt
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Wages of Sin, The
by Jenna Maclaine
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Warders of the Gate
by Mark Murray
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by Jennifer Fallon
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Warrior's Valor
by Gun Brooke
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by Michael Warden
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We the Underpeople
by Cordwainer Smith
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When Night Falls
by Parker De Wolf
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Where There's a Witch There's a Way
by Madelyn Alt
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Wife of Joab, The
by E. Clayton Hill
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Wild Road, The
by Marjorie M. Liu
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Wingless Boy, The
by Jay Amory
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by Larry Elrod
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by David Farland
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Worm Ouroboros, The
by E. R. Eddison
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by Cy Tidd
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Wysard, The
by Carolyn Kephart
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Xavier Corner: The Legend of the Cryptic Medallion
by E. T. Abaga
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Year's Best Science Fiction: Twenty-Fifth Annual Collection, The
by Gardner R. Dozois
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