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Welcome to the most comprehensive online list of science fiction and fantasy new book releases. Here you'll find new works, reprints, omnibus editions, and titles that were first published as hardcovers now available in paperback format.

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  October 2012 - November 2012 - December 2012

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42 new SF and fantasy books listed for November 2012:

Buy Black House at
Black House
by Stephen King et al.
Buy Bronze Summer at
Bronze Summer
by Stephen Baxter
Buy Crown of Vengeance at
Crown of Vengeance
by Mercedes Lackey et al.
Buy Darkness Hunts at
Darkness Hunts
by Keri Arthur
Buy Dead of Winter, The at
Dead of Winter, The
by Lee Collins
Buy Dead Spots at
Dead Spots
by Melissa F. Olson
Buy Defiant Peaks at
Defiant Peaks
by Juliet McKenna
Buy Devil's Diadem, The at
Devil's Diadem, The
by Sara Douglass
Buy Dragon Men at
Dragon Men
by Steven Harper
Buy Emperor's Soul, The at
Emperor's Soul, The
by Brandon Sanderson
Buy Epic at
by John Joseph Adams
Buy Errantry at
by Elizabeth Hand
Buy Flame of Sevenwaters at
Flame of Sevenwaters
by Juliet Marillier
Buy Genesis Sinister at
Genesis Sinister
by James Axler
Buy Honor's Paradox at
Honor's Paradox
by P. C. Hodgell
Buy Iced at
by Karen Marie Moning
Buy Inexplicables, The at
Inexplicables, The
by Cherie Priest
Buy Kept at
by Shawntelle Madison
Buy King of the Dead at
King of the Dead
by Joseph M. Nassise
Buy Krampus: The Yule Lord at
Krampus: The Yule Lord
by Brom
Buy Lord's Fall at
Lord's Fall
by Thea Harrison
Buy Mortal Ties at
Mortal Ties
by Eileen Wilks
Buy New Moon's Arms, The at
New Moon's Arms, The
by Nalo Hopkinson
Buy No Mans Land at
No Mans Land
by James Axler
Buy Phoenix Rising at
Phoenix Rising
by Ryk E. Spoor
Buy Polterheist at
by Laura Resnick
Buy Red Country at
Red Country
by Joe Abercrombie
Buy Revenant Eve at
Revenant Eve
by Sherwood Smith
Buy River Road at
River Road
by Suzanne Johnson
Buy Sanctum at
by Sarah Fine
Buy Shadowheart at
by Tad Williams
Buy Shattered Gates, The at
Shattered Gates, The
by Ginn Hale
Buy Silvered, The at
Silvered, The
by Tanya Huff
Buy Spirit's End at
Spirit's End
by Rachel Aaron
Buy Steel's Edge at
Steel's Edge
by IIona Andrews
Buy Still Life with Shapeshifter at
Still Life with Shapeshifter
by Sharon Shinn
Buy Strangers in the Land at
Strangers in the Land
by Stant Litore
Buy Sword of Caledor at
Sword of Caledor
by William King
Buy Trace of Moonlight , A at
Trace of Moonlight , A
by Allison Pang
Buy Trapped at
by Kevin Hearne
Buy Undead to the World at
Undead to the World
by D. D. Barant
Buy Woodcutter, The at
Woodcutter, The
by Kate Danley
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