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Welcome to the most comprehensive online list of science fiction and fantasy new book releases. Here you'll find new works, reprints, omnibus editions, and titles that were first published as hardcovers now available in paperback format.

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  August 2012 - September 2012 - October 2012

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48 new SF and fantasy books listed for September 2012:

  • Kevin J. Anderson: Death Warmed Over  (Amazon - Powells)
  • Kelley Armstrong: Dime Store Magic  (Amazon - Powells)
  • James Axler: Crimson Waters  (Amazon - Powells)
                God War  (Amazon - Powells)

  • Philippa Ballantine: Wrayth  (Amazon - Powells)
  • Lee Battersby: Corpse-Rat King, The  (Amazon - Powells)
  • Phillipa Bornikova: This Case Is Gonna Kill Me  (Amazon - Powells)
  • Marie Brennan: Star Shall Fall, A  (Amazon - Powells)

  • Amanda Carlson: Full Blooded  (Amazon - Powells)
  • Blake Charlton: Spellbound  (Amazon - Powells)
  • Adam Christopher: Seven Wonders  (Amazon - Powells)
  • Glen Cook: Path to Coldness of Heart, A  (Amazon - Powells)
  • Emma Cornwall: Incarnation  (Amazon - Powells)

  • Melissa de la Cruz: Wolf Pact  (Amazon - Powells)

  • Rosemary Edghill: Host of Furious Fancies, A  (Amazon - Powells)
  • Steven Erikson: Forge of Darkness  (Amazon - Powells)
  • Jennifer Estep: Widow's Web  (Amazon - Powells)

  • C. S. Friedman: Legacy of Kings  (Amazon - Powells)

  • Amy Gray: Fangs: Everything the Modern Vampire Needs to Know  (Amazon - Powells)
  • Simon R. Green: Ghost of a Dream  (Amazon - Powells)
  • Ed Greenwood: Elminster Enraged  (Amazon - Powells)
  • Richard E. Gropp: Bad Glass  (Amazon - Powells)

  • Lia Habel: Dearly, Beloved  (Amazon - Powells)
  • Charlaine Harris: Apple for the Creature, An  (Amazon - Powells)
  • Lee Hayes : First Male, The  (Amazon - Powells)
  • Jim C. Hines: Libriomancer  (Amazon - Powells)

  • Benedict Jacka: Taken  (Amazon - Powells)
  • Mat Johnson: Pym  (Amazon - Powells)

  • Sherrilyn Kenyon: Time Untime  (Amazon - Powells)
  • Katharine Kerr: Love on the Run  (Amazon - Powells)

  • Mercedes Lackey: Host of Furious Fancies, A  (Amazon - Powells)
  • Mark Lawrence: King of Thorns  (Amazon - Powells)

  • Violette Malan: Shadowlands  (Amazon - Powells)
  • Adam McOmber: White Forest, The  (Amazon - Powells)
  • Richard Morgan: Cold Commands, The  (Amazon - Powells)

  • Stefan Petrucha: Dead Mann Running  (Amazon - Powells)
  • Tom Pollock: City's Son, The  (Amazon - Powells)

  • Kat Richardson: Seawitch  (Amazon - Powells)
  • J. D. Robb: Delusion in Death  (Amazon - Powells)
  • Jennifer Roberson: Wild Road, The  (Amazon - Powells)

  • Robert Silverberg: Majipoor Chronicles  (Amazon - Powells)
  • Sherwood Smith: Revenant Eve  (Amazon - Powells)
  • Jeanne Stein: Haunted  (Amazon - Powells)
  • K. A. Stewart: Wolf at the Door, A  (Amazon - Powells)

  • David Tallerman: Crown Thief  (Amazon - Powells)
  • Doyce Testerman: Hidden Things  (Amazon - Powells)

  • Serena Valentino: Howl: Everything the Modern Werewolf Needs to Know  (Amazon - Powells)
                Undead: Everything the Modern Zombie Needs to Know  (Amazon - Powells)

  • Jo Walton: Among Others  (Amazon - Powells)
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