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   Android Epistemology, by Kenneth M. Ford  
  Nonfiction, first publication in October 1995
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      "Were they reborn into a modern university, Plato and Aristotle and Leibniz would most suitably take up appointments in the department of computer science."

    Epistemology has traditionally been the study of human knowledge and rational change of human belief. Android epistemology is the exploration of the space of possible machines and their capacities for knowledge, beliefs, attitudes, desires, and for action in accord with their mental states. From the perspective of android epistemology, artificial intelligence and computational cognitive psychology form a unified endeavor: artificial intelligence explores any possible way of engineering machines with intelligent features, while cognitive psychology focuses on reverse engineering the most intelligent systems we know: us. The editors argue that contemporary android epistemology is the fruition of a long tradition in philosophical theories of knowledge and mind. The sixteen essays by both computer scientists and philosophers collected in this volume include substantial contributions to android epistemology, as well as examinations, defenses, elaborations, and challenges to the very idea. Contributors: Kalyan Shankar Basu. Margaret Boden. Selmer Bringsjord. Ronald L. Chrisley. Paul Churchland. Cary G. deBessonet. Ken Ford. James Gips. Clark Glymour. Antoni Gomila. Patrick J. Hayes. A. F. Umar Khan. Henry Kyburg. Marvin Minsky. Anatol Rapoport. Herbert Simon. Christian Stary. Lynn Andrea Stein. Additional information on Android Epistemology

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