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   Year's Best Science Fiction: Second Annual Collection, The, by Gardner R. Dozois  
  Novel, first publication in April 1985
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      "Salvador" by Lucius Shepard. Tense, poignant story of a young soldier struggling to survive a nerve-racking guerilla war in a lush, surreal jungle.
    "Promises to Keep" by Jack McDevitt. Standard space opera fare about a crippled space ship limping home from Jupiter's moons.
    "Bloodchild" by Octavia E. Butler.
    "Press Enter []" by John Varley.
    "The Affair" by Robert Silverberg. Man and woman with rich psychic powers connect for a long-distance mental yet highly sensual affair.
    "A Message to the King of Brobdingnag" by Richard Cowper. Crop researcher looking to cure world hunger fails spectacularly.
    "Blued Moon" by Connie Willis.
    "New Rose Hotel" by William Gibson. The day of reckoning draws near for a twenty-first century gangster holed up in the New Rose Hotel.
    "The Map" by Gene Wolfe.
    "Interlocking Pieces" by Molly Gloss.
    "Trojan Horse" by Michael Swanick.
    "Bad Medicine" by Jack M. Dann.
    "At the Embassy Club" by Elizabeth A. Lynn.
    "Pursuit of Excellence" by Rena Yount.
    "The Kindly Isle" by Frederik Pohl.
    "Rock On" by Pat Cadigan.
    "Sunken Gardens" by Bruce Sterling.
    "Trinity" by Nancy Kress.
    "The Trouble with the Cotton People" by Ursula K. LeGuin.
    "Twilight Time" by Lewis Shiner.
    "Black Coral" by Lucius Shepard.
    "Friend" by James Patrick Kelly & John Kessel.
    "Foreign Skins" by Tanith Lee.
    "Company in the Wings" by R. A. Lafferty.
    "A Cabin on the Coast" by Gene Wolfe.
    "The Lucky Strike" by Kim Stanley Robinson.

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  • Year's Best Science Fiction, The (#2)

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  • 20th Century
  • 21th Century
  • Aliens - Extra-terrestrials
  • Drugs - Narcotics - Addiction - Psychoactive Substances
  • Extrapolations
  • Jupiter - Ganymede
  • Medical SF - Medics - Medicine - Doctors - Healers
  • Occult - Supernatural
  • Officers - Soldiers
  • Religion - Theology - Gods & Deities - Faith - Priests & Clerics
  • Sex - Erotica - Sexuality
  • Shapeshifters - Changelings - Transformation
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  • War

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