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   Plutonium Blonde, The, by John Zakour, Lawrence Ganem  
  Novel, first publication in September 2001
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       Additional Information  
      Zachary Nixon Johnson, the last private detective on Earth, is hired by the beautiful B.B. Starr, CEO of ExShell (and ex-exotic dancer), to find her missing robot double. The plutonium-powered android is far smarter and stronger than humans, doesn't want to be found, and is a homicidal maniac. As if that's not trouble enough, an unknown enemy keeps trying to assassinate Zach. And HARV, the intelligent computer implanted in Zach's brain, will not shut up.

    Yes, The Plutonium Blonde is a parody of science fiction and hardboiled detective fiction. It is also an affectionate homage to the pulps. Perhaps unsurprisingly, its prose inclines to a pulp clunkiness. But the authors, John Zakour and Lawrence Ganem, are deeply knowledgeable of both genres, and they create some new twists in both the science fiction and the mystery. The plot is breathtakingly paced, and the jokes and wisecracks fly thick and fast (and, like the creators of the Airplane and Naked Gun movies, the authors have no fear of a bad joke). The Plutonium Blonde is recommended to fans of science fiction and of hard-boiled mystery.

    Source: Cynthia Ward,

    "My name is Zachary Nixion Johnson. I am the last private detective on Earth...not exactly one hundred percent true, but it sounds good."

    "The year is 2057 and, after a handful of species-altering upheavals, earth-shatteringc cataclysms, history changing extra-terrestrial contacts, and pop-culture disasters, the world is now a pretty safe place..."

    "But every once in a while some crazy thing happens that threatens all of society, all of humanity, or the entire space-time continuum."

    "And for some reason it always happens on my watch."

    So begins the first installment of this all-new, all-hilarious trilogy that pokes fun at the pulps, and skewers sci-fi, as a private dick of the future goes after the most dangerous prey of all...The Plutonium Blonde.

      Part of series  
  • Zachary Nixon Johnson (#1)

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  • 21th Century
  • Aliens - Extra-terrestrials
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) - Thinking Machines
  • Detectives - Sleuths - Pis - Bounty Hunter
  • Hard-Boiled
  • Humor - Comedy - Satire
  • Mystery
  • Robots - Androids - Cyborgs
  • Space Opera - Space Epics - Space Romances

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