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   Komarr, by Lois McMaster Bujold  
  Novel, first publication in May 1998 , latest edition in May 1999
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       Additional Information  
      Lois McMaster Bujold comes through again with another sharp Miles Vorkosigan novel. Komarr can be read as a standalone, though it is part of a whole series. (Komarr brings the total to 16 books!) Miles is a hugely popular character with fans--and they won't be disappointed with his latest adventure.

    The planet Komarr is undergoing centuries-long terraforming when one of the orbiting mirrors crucial to the effort is smashed by an off-course ship. Miles Vorkosigan is sent to Komarr to investigate the incident; once there, he becomes embroiled in political and scientific battles. To make matters worse, the name Vorkosigan is anathema on Komarr. But our intrepid hero can't be put down easily. While trying to save Komarr, he manages... maybe... to find true love at last! Bujold's original and intelligent blend of politics, science, and cliffhanging-good space opera makes this book a satisfying adventure and a charming romance.

    Source: Therese Littleton,

    This is the 16th novel in Lois McMaster Bujold's Miles Vorkosigan series, and it's quite a departure from the usual swashbuckling antics of her pint-sized protagonist. In this novel Miles assumes the role of an Imperial Auditor sent to investigate an accident on the semisubjugated planet Komarr. The orbital mirror (or "soletta-array") integral to terraforming Komarr has been severely damaged, and it's Miles' job to figure out if this was an accident or an act of rebellion. But the real action is going on in the Vorsoisson household, where Miles and his fellow Auditor are staying. Although married, Ekaterin Vorsoisson seems to be a perfect match for Miles, who finds himself smitten with the young woman. While some Vorkosigan fans may be disappointed by the lack of action, Bujold has created an interesting mystery and, more importantly, what may finally be a suitable companion for Miles.

    Source: Craig E. Engler,

      Part of series  
  • Vorkosigan (#12)

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  • Military SF - Military Fantasy
  • Romance - Love Story
  • Space Opera - Space Epics - Space Romances
  • Terraforming

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