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   Plague at Redhook, by Stephen Euin Cobb  
  Novel, first publication in March 1999
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       Additional Information  
      A first novel.

    An intense story of fear and mystery, set in a believable future. A future in which--as it does today--technology alters our lives; sometimes for the better. Sometimes.

    Implanted computers for example. All the main characters in the story have the ability to send one another their thoughts--both sound and images from inside their mind. Images of what they are looking at, or remembering from years ago, or even imagining. Images made up out of thin air.

    The medical robot is another example. Its design is elegant, compact and sophisticated; yet it's a fully functional mobile operating theater. I especially liked the scene when it operated on the captain.

    From the publisher.

    In a great black void between the several dozen inhabited star systems, Doctor Mark Tolman—captain of a newly constructed hospital ship, and its only non-robotic crewmember—discovers the twisted remains of a large passenger craft tumbling silently; its hull ripped open by a massive explosion which appears to have originated deep within. Frantically, he dispatches four paramedic robots to search the craft for survivors and provide emergency medical assistance.

    Meanwhile, twelve light-years away, Captain Tom Vickery picks up a distress call from the computer of a lone research ship studying a newly discovered—and uninhabited—earth-like planet. Tom takes his ship's small crew and robotic medical doctor to the planet's surface to rescue the seemingly stranded researchers.

    But both he and Doctor Tolman find far more than they bargained for. Mysteries for which their training could never have prepared them. Things dangerous and bizarre. And they soon realize they’ve bitten off something they can’t spit out. Not now. Not ever.

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