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   Seeds of Time, The, by Kay Kenyon  
  Novel, first publication in June 1997
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      A first novel.

    The Earth is dying, its population devastated by plagues and its forests wilting to brown fields. A powerful company called Biotech keeps humanity's hopes alive by sending ships, Gateway-like, to other planets in search of salvation. Recon teams travel the galaxy in hopes of hitting a planet and returning with that lucky payload, the combination of greenery or technology that will save the world.

    Clio Finn is a pilot for these Space Recon missions, one of the few individuals who possesses an innate ability to guide spaceships through the space-time travel called the Dive. She's tough, reckless, incorrigible, and invaluable to Biotech for her talent to navigate her ship, the Starhawk. Biotech doesn't know about Clio's drug habit, but she doesn't know how much trouble humanity is really in until she and her best friends cook up a desperate scheme to find out the truth. But what is the truth? Is Biotech's goal to rule the world through manipulation and politics, to save humanity, or simply to make a profit? What is the dark secret from Clio's past? How much do her superiors really know? Is the greenery project on the verge of success or a breakdown? Is it true affection Clio feels for her gay friend, or is it simply misplaced love?

    The process of finding the answers Clio seeks is complicated when her mission hits pay dirt: target planet Niang turns out to be a tropical paradise. Starhark's captain sends a team down to the surface, and chaos la Lord of the Flies ensues


    Clio Finn is a Dive pilot, one of the few humans able to guide a spacecraft back through time. In a 2019 that has seen Earth lose most of its plant life, Dives are the last hope humanity has for finding new seeds to replenish the planet. But Clio is strung out on drugs, one step away from a court-martial, and carrying a terrible secret about her past. When events force her to make a desperate attempt to save the planet, Clio has little to lose. It is then that she learns humanity's troubles are far worse than they seem ...


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  • Plague - Disease - Epidemic - Virus
  • Time Travel - Time Control - Time Warp

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