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   Just/inTime, by Rob MacGregor, Billy Dee Williams  
  Novel, first publication in April 2000 , latest edition in April 2001
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       Additional Information  
      Camila Hidalgo, the White House spokesperson, wants her ex-husband, Trent Calloway, to investigate Justin Logos, a controversial New Age cult leader. But Calloway, a former psychic spy who is trying to live a quiet life in the Southwest, thinks there's no reason for the government to intrude in Logos's life. So he and his colleague 'Doc' refuse to use their special talent--remote viewing, the ability to psychically see events occurring elsewhere.

    But when a lethal virus is released in Washington, D.C., Calloway pinpoints its source to followers of Logos, a man proclaimed by some as the reincarnation of Jesus Christ and called the Anti-Christ by others. Now Calloway, exposed to the virus and facing his own death, must extend his abilities into a new realm.

    He attempts to return to the near past to create an alternate reality, one where the virus has not been released. In doing so, he hopes to bring back Camila, who he still loves. If he succeeds, he can save lives, including his own, and prevent the chaos that follows. But he soon realizes that he might be a tool in a cosmic plan with far worse consequences than the ones he hoped to elude.

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  • African American
  • Alternate History
  • Plague - Disease - Epidemic - Virus
  • Religion - Theology - Gods & Deities - Faith - Priests & Clerics
  • Spies - Special Agents
  • Telepathy - Mind Reading - ESP - Psionics - Psychic
  • Thrillers
  • Time Travel - Time Control - Time Warp
  • U.S.A.

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