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   Confederation Handbook: The Essential Guide to the Night's Dawn Series, The, by Peter F. Hamilton  
  Novel, first publication in March 2002
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    Buy Confederation Handbook: The Essential Guide to the Night's Dawn Series, The by Peter F. Hamilton
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      The Essential Companion Guide to the Night's Dawn Trilogy: The Reality Dysfunction, The Neutronium Alchemist, and The Naked God.

    Peter F. Hamilton amazed sci-fi readers with his astonishing, internationally bestselling Night's Dawn trilogy, which introduced the future history Confederation of nano-augmented Adamists, genetically engineered Edenists, and alien species such as the Tyrathca and Kiint...


    Now Hamilton reveals the true potential of his brilliantly realized epic. Expanding on its concepts and complexities, The Confederation Handbook explores the 600-year history of more than 21,500 inhabited worlds, asteroids, and bitek habitats. Discover for the first time:

    * How Edenist space colonies are grown
    * The real story of the Kulu Kings and the exiled Lord of Ruin
    * Why Adamist religions caused the human schism by rejecting Affinity
    * The tragic legacy of Rubra, the Edenist rebel who created Valisk
    * Tyrathca mating rituals

    ...and much more. Covering geology, politics, technology, weaponry, and alien lifeforms, The Confederation Handbook is a triumph of world-building and a must read for Peter Hamilton's legion of fans.

    From the arcologies of Earth to the shards of the Ruin Ring, uncover the...MYSTERIES OF THE NIGHT'S DAWN UNIVERSE

    * Why is the Kulu Intelligence Service so feared?
    * What are the differences between blackhawks and voidhawks?
    * Why can't the Weeping Rose be grown anywhere except on Norfolk?
    * Why are Cosmoniks so modified, and are they all still human?
    * What do Kiint really look like?
    * Why is the Jiciro world off-limits?
    * Why did the Nyvan colony collapse into war and anarchy?
    * Why is life better in the Halo than on Earth?

    The answers to these and many other questions are contained in a companion guide as wondrous and revealing as only the epic scope of The Night's Dawn could provide...

    The Confederation Handbook

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