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   Et-Beings, by John Zarr  
  Novel, first publication in March 2001
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       Additional Information  
      Beings' Protege (BP), now almost in his mid-fifties was only a toddler when he was first abducted. However, his memories of his encounters began when he was almost seven years-of-age.
    Beings' Proteges' life is a story of multiple abductions--hundreds. It was not until he was in his mid-twenties that Teacher told him he was a transplantee. And explained what that meant to him and the rest of the world.

    Beings Proteges' body died at Roswells saucer crash site,and his soul was carried and delivered by an Earth female-his Earth Mother. Despite multiple abductions, he was raised as a human: everyone who encountered him was totally unaware of his uniqueness. The same holds true for the thousands of other-star children now living on earth. However, they are not transplantees.

    Beings' Proteges' death at Roswell and rebirth elsewhere established a conduit to the Beings' existence. Reading and studying ET-BEINGS should provide the reader a conduit to the Beings' purpose. Whey the quota of "Successful" abduction has to be met -- if not -- it means the extinction of the Beings and mankind.

    Beings' Proteges' transplantation creates and answers many questions - questions that we have always wanted to know about Space Beings, but were too afraid to find out.

    why the abductions may or may not be random

    why the Beings' abduction time grows shorter

    why cows/calves have to be slaughtered

    why the Beings look the way they do why p. (3.14) is possibly the numeric harmonizer for the Beings' universe

    Beings' Proteges' story should provoke a slew of emotions. It will be up to the reader to decide what is true or false, what really happened, and what will happen to all of us.

    Is mankinds' destiny to develop a cure for deadly autoimmune disease only to have it mutate not once, not twice, but three times killing every living creature?

    What is any part of his story is true ­what if?

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