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   Wondrous Journey, The, by Vicki Pomeroy  
  Nonfiction, first publication in January 2001
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       Additional Information  
      The Wondrous Journey: Beyond Everyday Reality is a non-fiction, personal account of the author's four-year odyssey through a variety of extraordinary states. These include waking dreams, synchronicities, precognitions, lucid dreams, kundalini, auras, apparitions, out-of-body experiences, archetypal images, other worlds, shamanic journeys, and mystical states. The book chronologically traces the author's serendipitous adventure through these multiple states, as well as follows her intense search for an explanation for what was happening. It contains numerous real life examples of these phenomena and intellectually discusses them in order to give the reader the closest vicarious experience possible.

    In a broader context, the book is about the potential for people to move beyond their preconceived boundaries of what is possible. Even though these experiences are relatively rare and difficult to conceive from the pragmatic eye of everyday reality, they do happen. They've been documented across cultures and throughout history. The phenomena are so powerful they dramatically change people's lives, compelling remarkable pioneers like Carl G. Jung, MD and Richard Alpert, Ph.D. to devote over four decades of their lives integrating the phenomena into contemporary culture. In the case of Carl Jung, he developed an entire psychology to explain them. As for Richard Alpert, he transformed himself into Ram Dass, devoting his life to helping himself and others to "be here now."

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