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   Dying Breed, The, by James L. Pasch  
  Novel, first publication in October 2000
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       Additional Information  
      The Dying Breed is an epic tale of an ancient Ireland that never was. Three hundred years have passed since the exodus. Aiden is forced to roam the earth cheating and stealing among the lowest forms of creatures he knows, the humans. It was his own fault though, because every elf in society knew the place and date of the exodus. For a thousand years it was taught to all. However, another three-day drinking binge left Aiden passed out in an ally, oblivious and left behind. The exodus was the result of a war between two gods: Kilmanagh and his evil sister Dunath. To protect his people, Kilmanagh created the new world for them to escape to out of the reach of Dunath and her evil minions that have now come to be known simply as her children. Kyle and Vespa are two humans in need of help. Eventually they track Aiden down while he is down on his luck. He is unwilling to help them until they produce a Gatekeepers stone of their own. Realizing the possibility was real that he could cross over to the new world and join the rest of his people, he agrees to help them search for the other two stones. Dunath, however has other plans. She sends her children to destroy them and retrieve the stones for herself so she can send her armies of children to the new world to destroy what is left her brother's beloved elves. Their quest takes them across most of the world as they know it. Along the way they will encounter many strange things and people such as Talon Gall, brought back from the dead to aid Aiden in his quest, but no one knows why. They must overcome many obstacles, such as: ambushes by Dunath's Children and their Khularang, bar fights, the mysterious bag of coins. What is the mystery of the church at Tinnehinch, who built the church and why? What is the true secret of the cargo the caravan is carrying they agreed to protect? But worst of all, how to kill the banshee that is hunting them down.

      Part of series  
  • Breed Trilogy, The (#1)

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  • Elves - Elven Lore
  • Magic - Magicians - Sorcerers - Witches - Wizards
  • Parallel Universes - Alternate Worlds - Other Dimensions - Alternate Reality
  • Religion - Theology - Gods & Deities - Faith - Priests & Clerics

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