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   Three Moons Rising, by Sheila N. Eskew  
  Novel, first publication in April 2002
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       Additional Information  
      A first novel.

    Driven by fate, racing precariously toward her destiny fulfilling a prophecy effecting two planets far out in space and saving Earth from alien domination, Izadra is guided by the strangely exotic Diamerald Necklace known as an Ankh-Angle. Given to Izadra by her reclusive Grandmother before her death, the symbol validates Izadraís lineage and later channels her physic powers.

    Beginning by leading Izadra to find the secret base of a brutal conquering alien race known as Zerions, her perilous voyage begins at the merciless and lustful hands of Captain Quar. Forced to journey with him toward his homeworld Izadra must first defend her virtue then her life when Quar rips away her blouse revealing the Royal Necklace of his enemies the Creasions.

    With fate in control, Lord Atír, the charismatic sovereign of Creasion on board his newly commissioned Flagship, Tos-hawk, intercepts his enemies the Zerions and rescues Izadra as she fights for her life. Atír immediately recognizes her Royal Necklace and all it implies. Confronting Izadra with the Creasion prophecy of her return Izadra refuses to believe she is the heiress of their lost Empress Iza.

    Destined to become man and wife, the attraction between Atír and Izadra is electric, though both deny the possibility of love, the physical magnetism is undeniable, their passion, consuming. Atírís presence makes Izadra weak with emotions strange to her. Never having been in love, the over powering feelings frighten Izadra as does Atírís omnipotent power over her but Izadraís spirit is strong, unwilling to submit to his dominance. Dedicated to his duty and his people, Atír only allows himself to believe the attraction to Izadra is her singular beauty and untamable spirit.

    Scheming to escape, Izadra must wait until after their forced marriage. Compelled to submit to Atírís desires, Izadra finds he mercilessly controls her body. Still more terrifying, Izadra realizes her desire for Atír is as demanding as his is for her. Fearing the loss of her total identity in the telepathic link, common for Creasion marriages, Izadra escapes Atír while he directs the destruction of the Zerionís bases on Earth. Finding Izadra has escaped back to Earth, Atír disregards his duty and all risks to himself to find his errant wife. While braving all manners of dangers on Earth Izadra retrieves a letter bequeathed to her by her Grandmother that confirms her identity as her heiress. Reunited with her husband, Izadra dutifully returns with Atír, bravely facing his anger for her.

    Synopsis provided by the author.

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