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   Track of the Bigfoot, by D.L. Tanner  
  Novel, first publication in September 2003
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      In the U.S. Geological Survey, there are over 100 tribal words and 2300 locations named, in the United States alone, for a creature that many say was nothing more than the final hoax of an infamous prankster. Yet, since 1811, tales of hairy forest giants, seven to eight feet in height, have filled the accounts of native legends, historical records and eyewitness reports.

    Called Bigfoot by the press in the 1960’s, this nocturnal, bipedal primate changed the life of nine-year-old Ian McQuade, forever. Twenty years following an encounter while on a camping trip with his parents in the Pacific Northwest, Ian, now a Ph.D. anthropologist in his own right, is called upon to go in search of these elusive creatures.

    Six months have passed since the events of "Shadow of the Thunderbird", Book I of "The Cryptids Trilogy". Ian and his partner, Alma Del Nephites of the Chimaera Foundation, return to the museum from which he was fired for conducting a self-funded expedition into the Brazilian rainforest. The giant spider he went to discover is proved to be all too real to those that terminated him.

    Dr. McQuade must decide to resume a career with the museum or stay with the Foundation. Either way, he knows that he could lose Alma. Returning to New York without her, Ian is asked to confront his greatest fear alone and find out the truth behind Bigfoot. Ian is unprepared for his role as senior agent, and his assignment of replacement partners goes from bad to worse.

    From the heartland of the Ohio River Valley to the devastated slopes of Mt. St. Helens in Washington State, Ian will uncover mysteries that surround Bigfoot, as well as others of its kind. In a desperate race against time, one secret about the creatures must be kept at all costs, while another must be revealed before it is too late….

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  • Cryptids Trilogy (#2)

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  • Archaeologists - Paleoanthropologist - Anthropologist
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