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   Y2K: It's Already Too Late, by Jason Kelly  
  Novel, first publication in June 1998
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      Table of Contents

    Author's Notes
    Chapter 1 -- Deadly Solutions
    Chapter 2 -- Tower of Babel
    Chapter 3 -- Too Late
    Chapter 4 -- The Countdown
    Chapter 5 -- The Millennium Meltdown
    Chapter 6 -- Triage
    Chapter 7 -- Ambush
    Chapter 8 -- Silver Bullet, Wrong Gun
    Chapter 9 -- Recluse
    Chapter 10 -- The He Zhang
    Chapter 11 -- Assault
    Chapter 12 -- Lights in the Darkness
    Chapter 13 -- Triumph
    Chapter 14 -- Only the Beginning
    This engaging thriller depicts the chaos that ensues when the all-too-familiar year 2000 (Y2K) bug hits, crashing computer systems around the world. In Jason Kelly's novel, riots sweep through cities around the country after Y2K knocks out electricity. Transportation grinds to a halt when clocks in the microchips that control planes, trains, and automobiles fail. The same high-tech weaponry that toppled the forces of Saddam Hussein is rendered useless, leaving an unprepared United States military virtually defenseless against renegade nations with older but still lethal arsenals.
    For computer geeks, X-Files devotees, and Tom Clancy readers alike, Y2K is one of those books that's hard to put down once you start reading it. While many argue that the Y2K bug is mostly hype, this book makes it impossible not to wonder what's going to happen when the ball drops on December 31, 1999.

    Source: Michael A. Mariani,

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