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   Dragon Isle, by Keith Michael Mahan  
  Novel, first publication in March 2003
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       Additional Information  
      Upon this world nears the prophetic moment of apocalypse. Three evil gods are merging three empires into one as they combine into one god, the evil trinity. Several good gods are slowly being recognized as the one god by a small group of elves and people who are running from empire soldiers. What chance has the small group against the combined masses of evil? Even with their uncommonly powerful magic users, artifacts, warriors and rangers, their chances are slim to none. Evil dragons spy a window of opportunity upon their world. A time to defy their god given tasks to protect the lower races from genocidal tendencies. Evil dragons were to protect the ogre, troll, goblin and demons while good dragons protected elf, dwarf and human. Dragons no longer wished to play their protective roles. Instead, evil dragons intended to captivate and cultivate elves, humans and dwarves like cattle or sheep. The apocalypse is coming and these dragons intend to make the most out it. For untold ages mankind has asked when and where will the apocalypse begin? Signs indicate the time is now. DragonIsle appears to be the location. An isle that sets in the center of the World Sea, it is the perfect rest stop for flying dragons. The isle is dominated by rampaging evil but both an elf and a human empire have established naval outposts upon the fringes of the rocky coastline. Between the two military installations sets the finest trading city that elf and man has ever made together. Neither of the two empires intends to let their fair city fall without a terrible fight. This island has become the focal point of the evil empires. Its perfect location could make it the cancerous mole upon the face of the world. By recruiting the island's local denizens of darkness an unstoppable evil army could be massed. With the island conquered it would become the hub for world domination. First the island would need to be conquered, DragonIsle.

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