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   Siegfried Mating, The, by Chad Stuart  
  Novel, first publication in 1977
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      Adolph Hitler, as but one in a long line of German leaders, kings, philosophers, and historians, saw life as Darwin saw it: a struggle for survival between the fit and the weak. Hitler, though, was prepared to go one step further. Natural selection, while Nature's valid way of eliminating the sick and the weak was often a tedious and lengthy process, taking hundreds or even thousands of years. If man was indeed an animal, couldn't he, too, be improved upon by the more controlled methods of artificial selection, as other animals, specifically livestock, were?

    Near the end of WWII, it was suspected by many that the Germans were actually in the process of breeding a super-race.

    Supermen - members of the Herrenvolk, blond, fearless, masterful, cruel.

    The German epitome of the philosophy expounded by Nietzche - The Supermen - the reincarnations of Wagner's Siegfried; filled with noble contempt for the weak, and exulted in the extermination of the weak.

    Is it possible that just such a breed was developed in a laboratory of the Reich and are waiting, somewhere in safety, for puberty and possibilities for further reproduction?

    Synopsis provided by the author.

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