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   Crystal of Power, The, by Adriana deBolt  
  Novel, first publication in 1980
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      Even before Alta humanoid Myra Morgana transmorphed into The God Killer, The Beast, herself/itself/himself, and/or into the multiple gods of multiple worlds, she was from a gene pool far superior to the humanoids on Thear. The latter's claim to fame, after all, derived entirely from the genetic contributions made by downed Alta Astronaut David Misstol; those tainted by Misstol's mating with a female Thearian barbarian

    That said, was it even likely that the genetic manipulations conducted on the Thearians by fugitive alien scientist Tarlum Mannix would ever engineer a viable opponent to Morgana?

    Mannix could have his answer, of course, merely by entering the reveal-all Calyxine Crystal; the Crystal, like Morgana, having survived Cataclys IX. Firstly, though, he had to be made aware of its existence within the bowels of Morgana's fortress. And, secondly, nothing was ever had for nothing, was it? Death itself could be the price paid for those daring to risk total knowledge.

    Synopsis provided by the author.

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  • Morgana Metamorphosis, The (#1)

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