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   Bohack: Symbiotic Worlds, by L. Linehan  
  Novel, first publication in 1981
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       Additional Information  
      The Old Ones have long since died of a mysterious plague, taking with them their secrets to keep the naturally poisonous co-orbiting planets alive and healthy. Now the atmospheres are slowly transforming, leaving only lethal fumes to kill off the remaining populace, putting aristocrats and commoners alike into riotous survival-of-the-fittest mode. There is hope, though slim, if key machines of The Old Ones can be made to work again! Only a betrayed alien, though, can read the complicated texts to unravel the mysteries of those repairs. Can he do it in time? Does he even want to do it in time, or quite to the contrary? And what about the secret sequestered, afraid and trembling, but gathering its reserves, in the very bowels of the one planet's glacial and stony depths, its wants and needs ignored way beyond endurance?

    Synopsis provided by the author.

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  • Artificial Reality - Virtual Reality
  • Distant Worlds
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  • Revolution - Revolt - Rebels
  • Slavery - Slaves - Servitude
  • Subterranean Worlds
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  • Terrorism - Terrorists

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