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   Jason and the Astronauts, by Karl Klyne  
  Novel, first publication in 1981
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       Additional Information  
      Their universe is supposedly finite, a civilized cluster of planets, solar systems, and galaxies, separated from the Void by two barriers and a buffer zone. The latter inhabited by barbarians and their barbarian worlds.

    But is their universe finite? Do the barriers and the buffer zone protect them from the Void, or protect "something out there" from contamination from within?

    The answer to that question, and to many other questions, even the possible answer to achieving immortality itself, can be accessed via the Gyllin Key found on the transcription cube recovered from the (sealed-since-the-Martin-Cataclysm) Cantigramex Library by an aging religious chief of state who doesn't want to die.

    Advantages of youth necessary to master the Gyllin Key and any resulting unlocking, younger men are enlisted to maneuver the complexities of unraveling secrets possibly best left locked away. Secrets with their own advocates and protectors determined to keep all unworthy interlopers at bay.

    Synopsis provided by the author.

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