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   Misfortunate Detectimals, The, by Ed G. Jr. Rhea  
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      A raccoon, whose name was Mask, is telling a story to his son Mickie about three handicapped animals.

    Mr. EDWARDS was the CHIEF of the SEARCH AND RESCUE TEAM and was the owner of BRUMME, a bloodhound, who was used as a police dog and with the SEARCH AND RESCUE TEAM in Grass Valley, CA. After being with the team for many years, BRUMME was forced to retire because of old age. BRUMME has to wear glasses, and he also lost his hearing in the left ear, but could hear very well with the right ear. Therefore, he had a hard time telling which direction sounds were coming from. Also, his sense of smell wasn’t very good anymore.

    OSI was a normal OSICAT in every way, except his tail, which was ten feet long. This was a birth defect. He lived next door to BRUMME, who was his best friend. OSI had the nickname of Tails, which he hated. Over the years his ten-foot tail had served him well by protecting himself from other animals by using it like a whip or a rope.

    HOMER was a homing pigeon and a friend of BRUMME and OSI. He did not have a good sense of direction and was lost most of the time. He also had trouble with depth perception and made many crash landings. He loved to say and do funny things to make people laugh. When he became surprised or scared, he would say, “Well, just pluck my feathers!”

    One day MR. EDWARDS informed BRUMME that he would be gone for awhile. A little girl, name SUSIE, was lost in the nearby forest, and he was going to lead the SEARCH AND RESCUE TEAM in finding her. BRUMME was upset because he was retired and couldn’t go along.

    BRUMME decided to start his own SEARCH AND RESCUE TEAM and appointed OSI and HOMER to join him to go look for SUSIE. Their journey was dangerous, yet hilarious.

    Do the MISFORTUNATE DETECTIMALS become heroes, or do they fail because they are handicapped? When it comes to friendship, there is no such thing as handicapped.

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