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   Confession of the Vampire, by Kim Mathis Schwartz  
  Novel, first publication in December 2002
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       Additional Information  
      On October 31,1963, the great Satanists of the world, the mighty and the humble, met in Boston, Massachusetts. It was touted as an innocent convention of new-age philosophers to the world.

    The number was much too large to be hidden and some cover story had to be given. But during this three-night event from October 28 to October 31, the Grand Master had seen Lucifer in a vision. In this vision, Lucifer told the Grand Master, who had long awaited the news, that the time had come to unleash the dark beings from the underworld to roam the earth and do their harm to humans.

    To start slowly, they would come in the form of spiritual possession. Later, mind control. Then they would cause madmen to come to power in high places to corrupt the innocents. They would eventually have to show themselves in the forms of evil they truly wereóvampires, werewolves, zombies, sea creatures, and others.

    Evil took on many forms to torture man and keep him from his true nature and his true God whom he had worshipped from the beginning of time. And now the time had come for the gates of hell to be unleashed like never before. The Vatican had its spies, though. The highest Bishops and the Pope knew of this meeting, and one of their spies in attendance claimed that during the satanic ceremonies late that Halloween night, under the orange crescent moon, the Devil himself had been conjured and spoke of his mad plan to undo man in the eyes of God. But God had his workers and his plans too. The fight between goodness and evil, between lightness and darkness, had become the ultimate war already being played out in the heavens now to be finished on earth. The Vatican didnít know how long the war would last, but there could be only one victoróGod.

    From that moment on, the Vatican formed a secret organization called The Paranormal Warfare Department. A special priest who had done many successful exorcisms would head up the task force. Very few know of its existence today. Even as the battle intensely rages on until the end times are finished, special recruits are needed for the departmentís task force. These recruits are chosen by the head of the department because of their special powers of perception, healing powers, psychic abilities, and their devotion to God. There is one recruit the church values above all others. She is a true heroine who fights the darkness and serves the church with great honor. Her name is Ashley Ravenstone.

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