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   Cymbys: The Immortal, by Garth Lambert  
  Novel, first publication in April 2003 , latest edition in April 2003
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       Additional Information  
      A first novel.

    Thirteen vacationers took a bus tour of the Peruvian Andes six years ago. They had a fabulous time, laughed, made friends, and enjoyed themselves immensely. At the end of the tour, they forgot everything and returned home with no memories of the trip. Only archaeologist Albert Moore remembers, and he is sure that Cymbys, an immortal being he has hunted for decades, caused it. Moore invites the vacationers to his lodge in order to trap the immortal.

    He directs Maureen Fire to invite ten of the targeted participants to a week’s vacation in Wyoming, offering an inducement of $100,000; with the proviso they will leave on a moment’s notice. Fire is the eleventh. She finds the twelfth, Mike Spires, and extends the same invitation. He reluctantly accepts.

    Things go wrong in the lodge. Apparitions appear in hallways and rooms. Light bulbs explode in showers of sparks. Floorboards lift and tilt menacingly. Walls bulge inward; staircases lean. Mournful wails constantly echo throughout the lodge. After the guests arrive, a gigantic blizzard overwhelms the region, and all radios and wireless equipment are destroyed, ending contact with civilization.

    The Moche tribe living on Sacrosanct Mountain are enraged that Cymbys is being hunted. They capture the lodge’s inhabitants, intending to sacrifice them.

    Synopsis provided by the author.

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