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   Atlantis Continued, by Moe Dickson  
  Novel, first publication in May 2004
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       Additional Information  
      A first novel.

    Whether you call it a coincidence, an irony, or just plain old fashioned luck, history is replete with unusual circumstances that come together to create events that change the course taken by mankind. While we all carve out our own destiny, other forces are at work that we cannot explain or deny.

    This remarkable tale brings together real history, the Greek pantheon of gods (represented by an alien race), and Biblical text. It provides a unique perspective into the ancient world with respect to both archeological finds as well as the book of Genesis. The embedded symbolism will challenge, inform and enlighten you.

    Atlantis has developed a proven protocol for the colonization of other worlds. But Earth, because of its location and diversity, has been bypassed seven times. Finally the Senate authorizes a mission deep into the center of the galaxy. A clone stumbles into one of the many secrets the Atlanteans must keep from others. The project is turned on its head.

    Damage control only makes things worse, and soon our friends from Atlantis find themselves becoming more and more creative in their attempt to bring earth into the mold of so many other planet colonies.

    Noah is confronted to survive the flood. The tribes of Noah's sons re-populate the Middle East and Europe. All the while the Western Hemisphere is going in a different direction due to the clone, Bum, who is the focal point of Atlantis' excuses.

    Gilgamesh of Uruk is given the law. But after only a few generations, the people of Sumeria forget. Meanwhile Crete is aided by Atlantis to build ships and travel the known world. They are charged with spreading the law, but this becomes less and less important to them as they become more and more wealthy.

    Egypt is helped by a solitary figure who has defected from the mission. He is Imhotep, and almost single handedly he rockets the primitive country into the great society it becomes. But his experience changes him forever.

    Next, Sargon the Great conquers Sumeria and establishes the empire of Akkad. The Atlanteans watch hopefully as the law is revived and the sorely needed political unification begins. But alas, it is short lived and an invasion of barbarians threatens to destroy what progress has been made. This calls for an intervention on a grand scale that alters the mission once again.

    It is Abram from the Old Testament who survives the invasion of the city of Ur, moves to Haran with his family, and begins a journey that will transform history forever more.

    Synopsis provided by the author.

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  • Atlantis Continued (#1)

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