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   Beyond the Horror Ban, by Michael Price  
  Anthology, first publication in June 2001
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       Additional Information  
      Welcome to the Forgotten Horrors cinematic world of weird mysteries and patent oddities, if not outright chillers, from low-rent, independent, North American filmmaking companies. Hold on to your hats as we cover gems such as: The Lion Man; Thunderbolt; The Leavenworth Case; Prison Shadows; Kliou (The Tiger); Robinson Crusoe of Clipper Island; African Holiday; Blake of Scotland Yard; Larceny on the Air; The Devil Diamond; Hit the Saddle; The Girl from Scotland Yard; It Happened Out West; Killers of the Sea; Angkor, or Forbidden Adventure; Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde; The 13th Man; Rod La Rocque’s "Shadow"; Shadows of the Orient; Outlaws of the Orient; S O S Coast Guard; Sky Racket; Special Agent K-7; Safari on Wheels; Love Life of a Gorilla; Telephone Operator; Orphan of the Pecos; Wolves of the Sea; The Black Doll; Hollywood Stadium Mystery; Forbidden Adventure; Fury Below; The Adventures of Chico; Zamboanga; Life Returns; Durango Valley Raiders; It Happened in Chicago; The Night Hawk; The Karloff "Mr. Wong" Pictures; Shadows over Shanghai; Titans of the Deep; Mystery Plane; The Mystic Circle Murders; S.O.S.—Tidal Wave; Death Goes North; Daughter of the Tong; Adventures of the Masked Phantom; Torture Ship; Hitler—Beast of Berlin; The Devil’s Daughter; The Invisible Killer; Son of Ingagi; Phantom Rancher; Drums of Fu Manchu; Sky Bandits; On the Spot; The Leopard Men of Africa; Haunted House; Billy the Kid Outlawed; The Ranger and the Lady; The Ape; Midnight Shadow; Phantom of Chinatown; The Devil Bat; The Blood of Jesus; The Lone Rider Rides On; You’re Out of Luck; The Great Train Robbery; The Forgotten Village; Mr. District Attorney; City of Missing Girls; Adventures of Captain Marvel; Federal Fugitives; Bride of Buddha; Invisible Ghost; King of the Zombies; The Shark Woman; The Gang’s All Here; Murder by Invitation; Criminals Within; Up Jumped the Devil; Saddle Mountain Roundup; Mercy Island; Jungle Man; Spooks Run Wild; The Devil Pays Off; I Killed That Man; Four Shall Die; Mr. District Attorney in the Carter Case; Private Snuffy Smith; Law of the Jungle; Lucky Ghost; Professor Creeps; Black Dragons; The Man with Two Lives; Spy Smasher; House of Errors; The Panther’s Claw; Home in Wyomin’; The Corpse Vanishes; The Mad Monster; Jungle Siren; Tomorrow We Live; Phantom Killer; The Devil with Hitler; Criminal Investigator; Bowery at Midnight; Outlaws of Boulder Pass; Hitler—Dead or Alive; Valley of Hunted Men; The Living Ghost; Secrets of the Underground

      Part of series  
  • Forgotten Horrors (#2)

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  • Horror - Terror

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