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   Visibility, by Sarah Neufeld  
  Novel, first publication in August 2004
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       Additional Information  
      Jadyn Irving is a real-life miracle, and she knows it. Born with the ability to become invisible at will, she is in demand by everyone and basks in the attention, while refusing to actually work for anyone. It's rumored that she loves attention so much she crippled her own daughter so that she'd never have to share it. The "S" word is not used in her house. Neither is "hero".

    Peter Maraszek is a bodyguard for Jadyn's disappointingly normal daughter Natalie. An odd, rather quiet man whom only Natalie really knows, he used to work for the Secret Service, and now aspires to work as a penciller for a comic book company. Since this is a mildly traitorous ambition, neither he nor Natalie have informed Jadyn of it. In a house like Jadyn's, it's nice to have secrets that don't involve her once in a while.

    Javier Nadal is Jadyn's...What? Her business partner? Friend? Lover? Partner-in-Crime? No one really knows, and, although the police would love to find out, neither he nor Jadyn are talking.

    Natalie Irving is a painfully quiet--and, since a normal Irving is considered irrelevant, largely ignored--seventeen-year-old who's just discovered that she isn't really crippled at all. At first thrilled by the discovery, she soon realizes that it might not be everything she's dreamed of. It's funny just how many secrets come to light when people don't know they're being watched, and how quickly those secrets can turn dangerous...

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