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   Mist of Brennon, by B.J. Brockett  
  Novel, first publication in July 2004
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      In the future humans are facing extinction on planet earth due to pollution, over population, loss of farm land causing starvation and death to many. Then a small country releases a deadly air borne virus that kills as it travels around the world.

    400 humans escape earth in a space ship named Brennon to seek a home in the stars. Somehow they travel to the far side of the galaxy in just two years, aided by an unknown alien being that hides in a very mysterious mist that shrouds part of one continent. Anyone that has ever gone into the mist dies. This being senses some evil in one human and waits to find out if these people are worth her gifts.

    The planet is named Brennon and as time goes by humans thrive and grow. They discover a source of fuel that all want to control as it gives humans the ability to travel quickly through space and they branch out to distant planets. This gives Brennon riches and power as once humans have the ability to travel so quickly they donít want to give up that way of life.

    Donavon Blade is sent to find Cassandra, the Emperorís daughter, to bring her back to her father on Brennon. She ran away from a school where she was sent when she tried to kill her younger brother, Triston.. Cassandra drugs Donavon and seduces him. He escapes not knowing that he has fathered a son with Cassandra. As time goes by he marries and has a son, Zachary. The new Emperor, Cassandraís brother Triston has a daughter, Alexandria and the two grow up together when Zacharyís mother is killed by an assassin sent by Cassandra to try to kill Triston or someone close to him. Zachary becomes close to the Empress and stays in the Palace with the young princesses.

    When Alexandria is 16 and Zachary is 17 they are discovering a different side to their relationship. She goes to meet him near the mist just as a horrible attack on the Palace kills the royal family. Zachary takes Alexandria under the Mist to protect her from her aunt Cassandra and her son Darious. A terrible war takes place while these two seek a hidden oasis somewhere under the mist. They find the caves that Donavan Blade had discovered years before when he learned that with care, people could travel under this mist if they knew its secrets.

    While here these two discover love and this is when Mist, the alien being, shows herself to them and promises to aid Alexandria when she becomes the new Empress. When the terrible war is won by Brennon,

    Donavon goes to this secret location in the mist to see if his son, Zachary has survived along with the Princess Alexandria. She becomes the new leader of the Brennon system and Mist comes from hiding and heals and repairs all the damage and wounds of such a war. She promises to help Alexandria rule as she can see into her heart and knows that she is good. Mist may consider leading some of these humans back to old earth to see what happened after the space ship Brennon left long ago.

    Synopsis provided by the author.

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  • Adult Content
  • Aliens - Extra-terrestrials
  • Future
  • Romance - Love Story

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