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   Invaders, by Brian Lumley  
  Novel, first publication in May 1999 , latest edition in May 2000
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       Additional Information  
      Brian Lumley is the multi-million-copy-selling author of the Necroscope series: Necroscope, Vamphyri!, The Source, Deadspeak, Deadspawn, Necroscope: The Lost Years and Necroscope: Resurgence. His tale of the sons of Harry Keogh and the vampire planet fills three books: Blood Brothers, The Last Aerie, and Bloodwars. At the end of Bloodwars the vampire world was isolated from our own and the vampires destroyed. Harry Keogh, the Necroscope, had sacrificed his wife, his sons, his humanity, and finally his very life to save Earth.

    But evil is very hard to stamp out, and before too many years have passed the Gate is open once again. A new cycle of vampire terror is about to begin--a great way for new readers to begin the saga of humankind's battle against the ultimate bloodsuckers!

    Necroscope: Invaders

    Three great vampires--two Lords and a Lady--fall upon an unsuspecting Earth, a world teeming with defenseless human life. Easy prey for the marauding vampires, mankind will quickly be laid waste, or so they think.

    But Earth has defenders. Though the Necroscope is gone, the powerful ESP-powered spy organization he once led still exists. Mentally alert for the slightest sign of vampiric taint, the men and women of E-Branch have already moved against the fringes of the vampire infestation. Destroying minor vampires is all well and good, but the Lords and Lady must be found and eradicated. Without Harry Keogh and his connection to the teeming dead, E-Branch seems crippled, always two steps behind its enemies.

    When a young man turns up in the triply locked "Harry's Room" in E-Branch's London HQ, no one quite knows what to make of him--least of all the young man himself. Jake remembers running for his life, thousands of miles from London . . . and then nothing.

    Now he feels a curious whispering deep within his mind. And his dreams have become very strange, filled with visitations from dead vampires and dead people and Harry Keogh himself.

    If Jake is the new Necroscope, he has to learn--fast!--how to control his powers and speak to the dead. E-Branch, with the reluctant Jake along for the ride, is about to go head-to-head with Malinari the Mind, a vampire Lord whose psychic abilities are second to none.

    But the dead don't trust Jake, not like they once trusted Harry. Jake's spending too much time talking to a dead vampire, and too much time on personal revenge. He's got to start thinking about the future--or he won't have one!

      Part of series  
  • Necroscope (4) - E-Branch (#1)

      Related theme(s)  
  • Horror - Terror
  • Vampires - Vampirism

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