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   Not Quite Kosher, by Stuart M. Kaminsky  
  Novel, first publication in December 2002
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      Chicago policeman Abe Lieberman, beleaguered friend and family man, is vexed with enough tsuris to put him off his blintz- and bagel-impoverished diet. For one thing, there's the confession of a murder that didn't happen made by a man who thinks he's talking to a rabbi when he makes it. Then there's a gang of delinquents who might be responsible for the deaths of a couple of floaters that turn up in Abe's territory. And if that's not enough, Abe's partner, an Irishman engaged to a Chinese woman who's the object of an Asian crime boss's affection, wants him to be best man at his wedding. Throw in a grandson's bar mitzvah that threatens to bankrupt him and an unruly synagogue board, and you've got the ingredients of a typical, warmhearted cozy that won't raise your bubbe's blood pressure but is nonetheless a likable diversion.

    Source: Jane Adams,

    An Abe Lieberman mystery

    Abe Lieberman is a strong, sympathetic character, an Everyman whose love for his family is only matched by his quiet, zealous commitment to justice. "A figure out of Talmudic lore-endearing, wise in his crotchets, weary with his wisdom," says The Washington Post. He loves what he does, but it takes its toll as his commitment to what is right is sorely tested every day on the mean streets of Chicago. As a moral man, he is sometimes faced with some uncomfortable ethical choices in order to see that justice-rather than the letter of the law-is meted out.

    And in Not Quite Kosher, the latest Abe Lieberman mystery by veteran Edgar Award-winning Stuart Kaminsky, our hangdog sleuth is up to his eyeballs in tsurris, the kind of trouble that will drive a man to madness. From tracking a pair of low-rent thieves who stumble into a heist way over their heads to finding out what happened to a man who predicted his own death in a bizarre twist of fate, not to mention planning for a grandson's bar mitzvah that threatens to send him to the poorhouse, Lieberman will do much to find a way to make everything right, even if it takes years off his life.

    And his Irish partner, Bill Hanrahn, the Priest to Lieberman's Rabbi, is in trouble of his own making. For the woman he loves is the object of affection of one of the kingpins of the Asian crime syndicate in Chicago and the notion of this woman marrying anyone from a different culture is anathema. How far will he go to win the woman he loves? And at what cost?

    Just another day in the lives of a pair of Chicago's most amiably odd detective team . . .

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  • Abe Lieberman (#7)

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  • 21th Century
  • Chicago
  • Cops - Sheriff
  • Mystery
  • Priests- Shamans - Druids
  • Thugs - Mob - Mafia - Crime Organizations - Gangs - Triads
  • U.S.A.

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