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   Schizoid Applejack, by Steven Attwell  
  Novel, first publication in October 2004
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       Additional Information  
      It was just another day in Dronetown or was it? Nothing is
    ever quite what it seems for Jane Summers the humble employee of Demon Office & Home Order Supplies. Jane is unhappy with his life, distant from his parents, emotionally detached and discontent with a society that he feels he has nothing to offer and whose values bear no relevance to him. Jane had never known love. Love was a far-off emotion from another time, another age. An age of truths, of innocence, when unwritten values had a meaning, had worth. Love, honor, courage-they were nothing now,
    feelings of no consequence. You had to be a real person to have loved, to feel any form of true emotion, to be truly alive. The junk lives of Dronetown facile, crass, unthinking, nonsense lives ruled sovereign in an abyss of self-indulgence over the frailty of lost minds, a junk age of crap, inconsequential, and the meaningless.

    One day alone, obscure but above all safe in his mundane but familiar existence Jane becomes unwittingly thrust into the path of the religious terrorist organization of the Undi cult. The Undi are considered to be a dangerous and subversive underground religious organization. Drugged and abducted Jane is forced to seek absolution and a new understanding of reality in order to survive. From the perverse Reverend Dicks figurehead of the Orthodox Church and the embodiment of the sickness within the Dronetown society to the Masonic ultra elite police force the
    Guzzastippi all seemingly know what is right, all seemingly have God on their side. As for the followers of the Undi cult they cannot stand by and let the sickness bred in the evil society poison the purity of mankind.
    The stage of the crucial battle is set, the battle to win the souls of the people of Dronetown, the stinking hulk of the metropolis of the new millennium.

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  • 21th Century
  • Corruption
  • Priests- Shamans - Druids
  • Religion - Theology - Gods & Deities - Faith - Priests & Clerics

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