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   Honor and the Purple, by Laurie Gonzalez  
  Novel, first publication in November 2005
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      To find their fire. On the brink of war, the ordered dragons face an enemy with magics long forgotten to their casts, and denied by their priests. Their only hopes lay in five dragons from five different casts. For deliverance. Or damnation. Ahana- Born of the highest Purple Order, and set to receive the crown of her people, this princess desires nothing more than to disavow the very blood that has set her in such a position. But when the powers of a Gres awaken within her, she may find the title stripped from her against her will. Just when she could have saved them all. Rasine- A green without a past, crippled, and denied a direct role in the war to come, this Gres nonetheless may yet play a pivotal hand in the future of their world. But in doing so, may reveal the truth of an origin that could cost her everything. Krath- Evriliss of Iron-Red, and quite possibly the greatest warrior alive, he's already begun to break the rules set so long ago by Holy-White, by bringing a known Gres under his wings. But to give his people a fighting chance, that has to be just the beginning. Rehalk- Born to the mightiest order of gold, fleeing for the chance of a life she would never have under her father's wing, she may be able to see what is coming even better than the very seers that orchestrate the turning of her world. Except the role she herself is to play. Alustyn- One of the mighty Wild-Black, banished from polite society centuries before, he holds the key to the greatest mystery of their time, and could play the deciding role in the war. But to do so, he must sacrifice his honor, and defy the gods themselves.

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