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   I, Dragon, by Robert J. Ahola  
  Novel, first publication in March 2006
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       Additional Information  
      Once in every 20 years, a work of fantasy is so powerful that it creates its own mythology. I, Dragon is such a book.
    The Unicorn are all laid low. The Gryphon is done in. Chimera and the Mantilough Are whispers on the wind. Of all the Mystics bold and proud, Only the Dragon still flies Riding clouds In far forbidden skies.

    All other tales you’ve read about dragons are lies and half-truths. Now, for the first time ever, is the true story of the decimation and final extinction of all the Mystic Beasts told by the 3,000 dragon who survived it.

    Shartallion XII is an eighty-foot long, onyx Dragon Prince of the Kiln with a volcanic temper but with the eyes of an angel that see into other dimensions. One of the select few dragons in possession of the Diamond I, he is also a shape-shifter, able to step in and out of identities, including those of human beings (whom he finds utterly corrupted and into whose entities he sometimes becomes lost).

    Annointed at an early age as "The Dragon of Destiny" Shartallion has also accidentally unlocked The Asking Prayer, a mantra through which one man has been given the power to disintegrate any Mystic Beast — dragon, gryphon, unicorn or Kohmm — that crosses his path. Shartallion’s mission: Find this man and destroy him (or change his mind) before he is recruited into darkness and annihilates the entire Mystic Clan.

    Passionately penned as literary fiction, I, Dragon is a the first in a two-book saga that takes us on a journey to dimensions never seen before, even in the realm of Fantasy. In doing so it has already garnered a justly-earned reputation as "an original."

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  • I, Dragon (#1)

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