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   Inheritance of a Sword and a Path, by Douglas Van Dyke Jr.  
  Novel, first publication in July 2006
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       Additional Information  
      Over a thousand years ago the Godswars ravaged the land of Dhea Loral, shattering continents, laying waste to cities, and driving species to extinction. The people of the land are once again starting to prosper and flourish, while the gods stay aloft and watch from afar the recovery. Yet, not all the old quarrels have been forgotten. For some gods, the time is right to once again meddle in the affairs of mortals. Though the gods have bound themselves by a Covenant that bars their direct entry into Dhea Loral, they are able to send mortal emissaries to carry out their schemes.

    A night of violence erupts in a small village on the fringes of civilization. A woman is kidnapped, though only to cover up the real crime. Trestan, the son of a blacksmith, finds his hero dead and unwillingly accepts the magical elvish blade that was bequeathed to him. He sets out with his lifelong friend to see justice done for the blood that was spilled that night. They are joined by an uncommon group of adventurers to share in their quest, whom often get involved in their own squabbles. The further the road leads from home, the more their enemies seem to multiply. Even as they hope to attempt a desperate rescue, they must discover the true crime that was set in motion by ambitious gods. Even honorable Trestan will find himself caught up in the plots of immortals. The youth must find the faith to save his friends, and yet even by doing so he may have to submit to another's will. Not only has he inherited a sword...he has inherited a path that will take him from the only home he has ever known.

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  • Earthrin Stones, The (#1)

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  • Dwarves
  • Fairy Realms - Enchanted kingdoms - Magic Worlds
  • Goblins - Orcs
  • Gone Missing - Abductions - Kidnapping - Hostages
  • Hobbits - Leprechauns - Lilliputians - Imps - Gnomes - Pixies
  • Immortality - Immortals - Eternal Life
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  • Magic Artifact - Spells
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