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   Tales of Adarya: Out of the Past, The, by Alaina Buchwald  
  Novel, first publication in April 2007
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       Additional Information  
      A shadow broods over the world of Adarya as the dark lord Naurleth prepares to unleash his power. Everything seems hopeless for Lútheny, the leader of the Capprinces, a small people dwelling in southern Adarya. Naurleth's forces, led by his merciless captain, are moving closer to the Capprinces' homeland every day, and an attack is imminent. Lútheny's city is alone in its struggle - all of its allies are too far away to bring aid, and preoccupied with their own troubles. To make matters worse, the Niorians, a sea-faring people who have been on the brink of war with the Capprinces for decades, have been seen near the Capprinces' borders. Defeat seems certain, and Lútheny is forced to decide whether her people must abandon their home in order to survive. Everything changes, however, after a chance meeting with Anamer, the captain of the Niorians. Lútheny finds herself whisked away on an adventure aboard Anamer's ship, The Quest. All around her, legends spring to life as the ship strays into the Shadowy Seas, in the heart of Naurleth's territory. After various encounters with long-forgotten perils, and the discovery or a weapon that could rewrite Adarya's history, Lútheny and the other passengers aboard The Quest escape from the Shadowy Seas, only to find that things are not well at home. In order to warn the others of Naurleth's threat, they must overcome old prejudices, elude capture by Naurleth's agents, and delve deep into the secrets of Adarya's past. Amid the battle between good and evil, Lútheny finds a friendship with the Niorians that is constantly tested through the twists and turns of their adventure.

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