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   TeleTwins, by James Gary Carter  
  Novel, first publication in August 2007
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       Additional Information  
      TeleTwins is a story about two sets of very unique twins. The boy twins and the girl twins (unbeknownst to each other) both take their families into space well ahead of the rest of the Human Race. Once in space the boys (Jimmy and Timmy Jandrix) meet a race of conquered people (the Jaadaan) who are on the run from an empire of sadistic war mongers (the Indalit). The Twins make friends with the Jaadaan (jay-day-awn) and together they restore their empire to it's former glory. With the combined technology of the Jandrix Twins and the already advanced science of the Jaadaan they set out to rid their Sector of the Galaxy of the fearsome Empire of Indalia. What they do not know is that the Indalit is not the real source of power. They are secretly controlled by sinister creatures known only as the Old Ones. When they come in conflict with the Indalit they come face to face with the Old Ones and realize that their lives, as well as the fate of the entire Human Race, are in jeopardy. Confronting a power superior to their own intellect does not detract from the fact that they must try to stop this dual threat to their civilization. The Twins learn that they must go back in time to Earth of the 1980's to save their Grandparents from the Leader of the Indalit (Borall) and a depraved Old One known as Sapchion (sap-che-awn). They do not know what the outcome of the final confrontation will be but the fact that it is unavoidable is not in question. Their one possible salvation is the meeting of the two sets of twins; the combined force of their minds makes them stronger. Will they be powerful enough to rid the Galaxy of a fierce race of creatures such as the Old Ones; whose force of mind control, alone, is truly awesome? Is this race of conquerors, which has spent many Millennia subjugating other peoples, stoppable?

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