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   Weapon, by Barry E. Woodham  
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    This book will be published at an unknown date in the future, and it is not available yet for pre-order.

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      Long after the sun has entered its red giant stage, the human race is recreated by nannite Guardians, as cloned copies of people who have lived before. A Nano-ship launched towards the stars with hundreds of others gets trapped in the Kuiper belt and falls towards the sun millions of years later, to find that Jupiter has had its great gas mantle stripped away. Instead of a gas giant the nannite crew find a seeded world teaming with life on a super continent that stretches from pole to pole. Running down the centre is a massive range of mountains that are impossible to cross by foot. On the other side live the Gnathe, a race of genetic engineers who do not use very many tools; instead, they breed and alter life forms to suit their purpose. The two communities are welded together by a conflict that removes the tyrant Link-soo-shan from control of the Gnathe’s affairs. In doing so the genetic engineering skills are applied to the humans and apes to enable them to breath Jupiter’s microorganism riddled air. The Gnathe are masters of deploying psychic enhancing crystals.

    At the point of her death Link-soo-shan saves her mind by diverting it into her loyal daughter and stays quiet until the moment comes to strike back at the human and Gnathe project. Several years after the defeat of the Tyrant, Ender-whann-soo’s Brood-mother daughters devise a way to reach out to the people of Earth, six million years into the past and move the Earth to another star system. In doing so, the riddle of the Gnathe’s existence on this world is explained and the possibility of saving the human and ape civilisation from the expanding sun becomes a reality. The attack by Link-soo-shan she fails and she is transported to the past with Kamiel. Here living inside the nannite’s mind the deposed Tyrant becomes a moving force in the relocation of the Earth. She shares the nannite’s mind with Alexander in their slow journey back to the present and the two flesh and blood creatures are re-grown in a vat to live again as separate individuals.

    Synopsis provided by the author.

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  • Genesis Project, The (#3)

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