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   Mystic Desert: In the Beginning, by Patrie Davis  
  Novel, first publication in July 2007
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       Additional Information  
      Out of the remains of the galaxy came a super government power called the Galaxy Prime Government, G.P.G. for short. Their cry was one of peace and hope for all peoples of the Galaxy -- a fair political system on every world and equality for every species. People believed them, and followed the G.P.G. willingly until they showed their true colors. The G.P.G. was in fact an oppressive, tyrannical power that assimilated planets and deployed massive military takeovers of opposing worlds.

    The G.P.G. slowly took over most of the galaxy, and by the time their takeover reached the Outer Rings, people were scared, tired, and finally ready to fight back. Rebel groups began to sprout up, and planets launched military opposition against the G.P.G., but it was quickly crushed. By the year 2275 A.D., over half of the galaxy was under G.P.G. rule. It was then that the remaining free planets banded together and called on my father to save them.

    His name was Daniel Barrok, and he was a scientist and engineer with a personal agenda against the G.P.G. My mother had been a rebel leader and had been killed when I was only three years old. When my father was called on to create weapons of mass destruction that could be used to destroy the G.P.G., he was finally able to bring to life a creation that had been brewing in his head since the moment he had heard about my mother's death.

    He named the project Mystic Desert, and he hired hundreds of the most talented scientists, engineers, and technicians to give his vision life. He created Mystic suits -- giant machines loaded with weapons and having the ability to destroy. But something made these machines different from anything seen before. Even when my father told me that, I didn't know what it meant.

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