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   Type III , by Shaheed Abdulhaqq  
  Novel, first publication in October 2007
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       Additional Information  
      Type I civilizations can harness the energy already on the planet. In the year 2060, Earth is almost at this level. Type II civilizations are able to harness the energy of a star. Type III civilizations exploit the energy of a galaxy. This means they are immune from typically dangerous phenomena such as supernovae, cosmic strings, and black holes - these anomalies are merely energy sources to them. In a time of war, such societies are nearly undefeatable.

    This is the dangerous dilemma proposed in Shaheed Abdulhaqq's future world of Type III. Here, there is one government, the United Earth Continents (UEC), and the activities of their Weapons Control Agency means there should no longer be any ''outlaw'' nations. But in this world of space travel, advanced technologies, and Mars colonization, some things never change; issues of government conspiracy, secret weapons development, and rogue officials still rear their heads.

    What starts as a rescue mission for a missing supply ship at a deep space mining colony ultimately leads to an encounter with two Type III alien life forms, the Saydus and Vaysus. Being completely unaware that such beings and their advanced technologies existed, Commander Yasseen Abdul Wakil and his dedicated crew suddenly struggle to save themselves - and also bear the burden for restoring the aliens' balance of power thus saving the world. There is no question that the humans are at a disadvantage - they are outnumbered and underpowered in comparison. Abdulhaqq puts us in their shoes on the field of battle to see if these Type I humans have what it takes to take on the Type III threat.

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