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   Mystic Women of the Valley, The, by Robbie Collins  
  Novel, first publication in 2007
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      he battle has been won, but many had died. And finally after many long moments of healing from her wounds, The Highest returns home..home to Woden. Woden Falls is a haven for the women of Woden and the men of Hengist. The women of Woden rule the land, and the men of Hengist have long prior agreed to comply with Woden's rules and ways. Now after their peaceful community was destroyed in battle, Woden turns to rebuilding their town while joyfully awaiting the birth of The Highest and Jandra's' child - the Promised One. Jandra, though, has a dark foreboding - all is not what it seems. She senses that the Spirit Mothers of the Falls deceived Woden into battle. Yet, she has no proof, and The Highest isn't listening to her. Against Jandra's desires, Sam and Jandra depart to the Spirit Mothers of the Falls where their baby is to be born. During the journey, Jandra's life hangs in the balance as the baby begins to arrive far too soon. Seeing that Jandra is about to die, Sam becomes desperate, panicking in her feelings of helplessness, when suddenly out of nowhere, in the middle of the forest, a mysterious woman appears. Unknown to Sam and Jandra, the woman has come to save the baby - a baby whose destiny is to save The Realm from forces so powerful and evil that it will take all their magic and alliances to stand against them. And the woman has come to take the baby with her - away from the powers of the Spirit Mothers, even in knowing she is about to cause a war. As Sam turns to the woman, she is shocked at what she sees. Standing before her is a quiet woman with an appearance of absolute strength and power; and with an appearance strikingly similar to her own. In one brief look, Jandra senses a mystical quality to the woman, but also senses a recognition she knows she can't possibly have..or could she? In Book II of the Mystic Women of The Realm, Sam and Jandra's lives explode head-first into The Realm's great conflict - a conflict so vast that it threatens to consume them all. As suddenly, Sam and Jandra's adventure continues as they discover The Realm's mystics, battles, and challenges to their relationships. The suspenseful journey in Book II carries on the unfolding of the Mystic Women of The Realm through a series of six books in a mystical realm. Come, let us enter into The Realm of the Mystic Women together..

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  • Mystic Women of The Realm (#2)

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  • Kings, Queens & Princes - Emperors - Kingdoms & Empires
  • Magic - Magicians - Sorcerers - Witches - Wizards
  • Women - Feminism - Gender Issues

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