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   Zachary Q, Victory at 15 Stones, by C. Ogden Corish  
  Novel, first publication in March 2008
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       Additional Information  
      Zachary Q, Victory at 15 Stones is a fantasy/mythical/adventure for Young/Middle readers, with Centaurs, Satyrs, and Fauns. Wild adventures and tiresome travels, greet them at every corner. Zach and his twin neighbors Warren and Worth make lasting friends when they magically find themselves in another dimension, surrounded by Golhits, who have trapped a Centaur named Reuben. They save him from danger, and he invites them back to his camp and in return, he cares for them, like a second father. Reuben falls head over heels for Oscar, Zechs dog. They meet a prince and princess, find themselves in a battle for freedom, Death, and surrounded by shimmering butterflies, called Envludes. Zach is headstrong, and silent, and always breaking up the fights between the twins Warren and Worth. Worth the curious shy one, is always finding himself in trouble because of Warren. Warren the silly enterprising one, thinks every girl he meets is beautiful, thus finds himself in tons of trouble. The three boys band together as friends, and find that being away from home can be fun; doing things, they have never done before, wearing armor, learning how to shoot an arrow, and dueling with swords. Teaching Reuben and the others how to play baseball and playing in a cow patch. Throughout all the fun, Zach remains silent that they may never get home. He decided to keep a journal, every night before bed he writes about his day, and every night Oscar plays with Reuben. Although the thought of leaving 15 stones may never come, Zach has concluded whether or not to leave Oscar, knowing his dad will be upset. News soon comes that changes everything, Princess Zandrina tells him of his pending leave, and his return in the future to Drofnas. Zach now knows that he will soon be returning to his newfound friends for further adventures.

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